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I abandoned this site 3 years ago.

Recently, I checked the e-mail associated with this blog and found hundreds of comments needing approval.  So, people are still reading this site. About 1 million hits since I started this blog.

I re-read some of the articles I wrote.  It’s hard to recognize them.  I wonder what it means if you read things you wrote in the past and hardly recognize your own writing.

YouTube Celebs and Forrest Gump

When I look at the channels of YouTube celebrities that I used to follow, I wonder how long they can do the same thing – over and over again.  At what point do you say to yourself, “I need to do something else”.  And, what is that something else?

I am reminded of a scene from the movie Forrest Gump.  Forrest just decides to run and run; and run some more.  His running makes him into a celebrity.  He runs for three years across the United States and many people follow him on his runs.   Then, just as mysteriously as Forrest started running, he stops running.

What is the magic thing that happens when Forrest says, “I’m pretty tired.  I think I’m going home now”.

Knowing when to move on…

Many people do things far beyond when they make sense.  These folks get caught in a cycle of endless repetition, perhaps in a state of mindlessness.  It’s a comfortable repetition and maybe this is the trap – comfort, being safe and comfortable in what you do.

Other than comfort, maybe it’s momentum.  Some YouTube celebs might get caught up in this, and far worse, be dragged across the media topic landscape by what their followers find interesting.  “Subscribers” are the pied pipers; content providers are the hapless rats and children.

Worse than that, some people do things that aren’t worth doing.  Sheldon Cooper from the sitcom Big Bang Theory knows that.

So, what’s worth doing?  How do you know?
When do you stop?  What’s next?
How do you measure your progress for time invested?

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December 3, 2016 at 9:31 am

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