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Hands-off Electronics: A little bit of Monica. A little bit of Erica

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Hog Heaven at the Mailbox

The good times just keep on rolling. 

Going out to the mail box I found a white envelope from CBC International.  I expected more of a box – but an envelope is what I got.  “You go to war with what you got.”  OK, I get it.

There was my copy of  The ‘Screwdrivers experts’ Guide: Do it yourself CB repair and modifications by Lou Franklin ( K6NH )

Could it get better? Yes, it was personally signed by Lou.  “Best Wishes, Lou Franklin”.  I am in hog heaven.

Economic Stimulus

You might think this posting is from our “We wasted our money on this so you don’t have to department.  Well, yes it is.  In these tough economic times you have to “spread the wealth” for the good of the country.  So I made this discretionary purchase – it was my patriotic duty.

But really, I wanted to see what was in this book – I could not find it in my local public library system.  This book is a companion to another book by Lou Franking “Understanding & Repairing CB Radios for the Professional Technician”

Why is there something rather than nothing?

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January 18, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Uncle Eddy: the black sheep of the family that Amateur Radio does not talk about

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cb_qsl_brucefccIt’s all in the family

If you have seen the movies National Lampoon Vacation or National Lampoon Christmas Vacation then you know the characters Clark Griswold played by Chevy Chase and Uncle Eddy played by Randy Quaid.

If you know who these two characters are then you get an idea of the relationship of Amateur Radio to CB radio.

Clark Griswold is to Uncle Eddy as Amateur Radio is to CB radio.  Or so that is what it would seem from the perspective of Clark Griswold.  How Uncle Eddy feels about this – we don’ t know.  But if CB radio was to exchange Christmas gifts with Amateur Radio, Amateur Radio would be in possession of some fine white shoes.

Amateur Radio seeing CB radio as Uncle Eddy might be the “Pot calling the Kettle Black”.  Don’t forget that the popular media identified Ham Radio as an embarrassing hobby like stamp collecting.

History as objective ?

Those who record and write the history of a cultural phenomenon simply record and write the history and defer judgement to others.  History is supposed to be “objective” – as much as this is possible; history is written by the winners – don’t forget that.  “Just the facts madam” as is the ideal.

CB radio is as much a part of radio (wireless) communication as is any other part of radio – Broadcasting, Pirate Radio, special uses of radio as in the military, and Amateur Radio – to name a few.  To not recognize that CB was a part of the american popular culture in the 1970’s is to miss out on a rich American phenomenon.

Serendipity Strikes Again

As is the case many times, while searching on the Internet for one thing one finds another thing that was not at all what one set out to find.  So was the case when I stumbled upon some CB radio web sites.

The Internet as nearly primary source material for History of CB

cl_qsl_hotpantsSome folks have put up tribute sites to the heyday of CB radio in the 1970s preserving pictures of old radios, recorded conversations from 30 years ago, remembrances to “characters” (CB personalities) from those old days, QSL cards, and various other artifacts.

The work of these folks is almost to create a museum of days gone past of the phenomenon of CB radio.  Without the Internet, the knowledge of this era would be not nearly be as accessible  as it is and would be lost history to the majority of regular people.

The Remnant

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Written by frrl

December 18, 2008 at 7:51 pm

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