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Digital Frequency Display for your Collins, Drake, Hammarlund, Swan, Kenwood, Heath, Yaesu, Atlas, and other Radios

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Looking for a digital display for your older radio?

Then check out this site – Almost All Digital Electronics

On that site you will find plug-and-play digital frequency displays for: Collins, Kenwood Hybrid, Drake, Hammarlund, Swan, Yaesu, and Atlas.

Have a radio that you want to add a digital frequency display that is not listed above?  Then get the Universal kit and probe.  This will even work on simple AA5 (All American Five) Air Capacitor Gang-tuned receivers. 

Don’t want to use that method?  Then use the tube shield that goes over the local oscillator / mixer to sample the frequency?  Still not general enough for your exotic radio?  Then use the programmable kit to jigger the calculation to determine the correct frequency for your particular radio based on the location of the sampling probe.  Slick! ( see it here , pictures of specific installations  )

These digital frequency displays are reasonably priced and come as kits to build yourself or pre-built if you want to use OPL (Other Peoples Labor)

For you fans of the Kenwood TS-820S Hybrid that have a failing digital display, well, here you will find a replacement.  If you have a Kenwood TS-520S then its plug-and-play using connections already provided on the back of the radio.

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Written by frrl

October 14, 2010 at 4:46 am

Blast from the past – Our Kenwood Hybrid Collection

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Kenwood Hybrid Radios

For the past month of so a series of Kenwood Hybrid radios have shown up here. Most of them are from e-bay.  I have had good luck with e-bay so far.   But before you purchase on e-bay do your due diligence.  Some sellers on e-bay have no clue abut amateur radio equipment, what the really have, if it works or not, or how to test it.  To some sellers, if it “lights up” when they plug it in – it works.  We know that a “working radio” is much more than this.

eBay Nation

Hybrids in general – variations on a theme

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Written by frrl

August 3, 2008 at 1:37 pm

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