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Curiosity: Take your PC to a Party OR Burning Man for Computer Folks

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Between discovery and serendipity I ran across this customer review of a computer case at an on-line retailer

PowerUp G54-8019 Executive ATX Mid-Tower Case

Product was not very well made. If you are a gamer and like taking your computer to computer parties, don’t buy this case. I expected better quality. I gave this case to my brothers wife and used and older more sturdy case.

All of this was noise to me until I got to “… taking your computer to computer parties…”  Do people take their computers to computer parties?

“Gee Jack”, the host would say when opening the door, “that’s a nice case on that honey you brought tonight”.

Ok, so let’s get serious.  I searched “Computer Party” on the Internet to see what came back.  Surprisingly, I got this

It’s a computer party cruise ship… with 5,000 participants (see link below)

As some of you may know, I’m attending as crew at a large computer party in Norway this easter called The Gathering. I just arrived after a two hour train trip, which was spent on IRC and sending off a few e-mails using my cell phone over GPRS. The party has almost 5000 people attending, and a good 200 people responsible for making the party happen. In just under 24 hours, the Vikingship will start to fill up with enthusiastic computer nerds of all ages, to attend the party for five full days. It will be a party filled with all types of different elements, that make up the computer scene as we know it.

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Written by frrl

November 11, 2010 at 1:41 am

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