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aHappyDeal: Direct from China with love & The Heart of Walmart

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“The China price.” They are the three scariest words in U.S. industry. In general, it means 30% to 50% less than what you can possibly make something for in the U.S. In the worst cases, it means below your cost of materials. Makers of apparel, footware, electric appliances, and plastics products, which have been shutting U.S. factories for decades, know well the futility of trying to match the China price. It has been a big factor in the loss of 2.7 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. Meanwhile, America’s deficit with China keeps soaring to new records. It is likely to pass $150 billion this year.

A while ago I wrote about the age of disposable amateur radios (read it).  At the time, I thought that the price of about $100 was the right range to be considered “disposable”.  That is, if the product breaks, falls into the water while camping, or gets vibrated to death on a motorcycle, well, who cares… just but another one.

The new improved “China Price” for Amateur Radio

While pursuing the internet I found a new and improved “China Price” for a hand-held Amateur Radio.  A few months ago, for me, the anchor price was $100.  Now, China has outdone themselves.  The new China Price for a hand-held amateur radio is $35.82.  And that is a radio with more features than the one I reviewed at the old “China Price” of $100.

So, as far as this particular category of product (hand-held Amateur Radio)  for the same $100 US you can now get almost 3 times as much stuff.

And isn’t more stuff better than less stuff ? … keeping in mind that the end goal of all production is consumption.

Destroying the Heart

I try, as much as possible, to avoid watching South Park.  But there are moments of weakness.  Many of the South Park episodes have a not-to-subtle message.

In a particular episode the kids want to kill the local WalMart store because it is destroying business in the town.  They are told that every WalMart store has a heart.  They are told that the heart is usually in the back of the store by the Television sets next to the cell-phones.  If they can destroy the heart they will kill WalMart.  They get to the back of the store and meet an entity that can take many forms…  they are just a few steps from the heart which they are intent on destroying…

See what happens in these 3 clips from the episode

Then visit

Ask yourself if this on-line store also a heart by the Television sets next to the cell-phones.

And, if you don’t like products from China destroying US Industry, do you now know what to do?


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August 19, 2012 at 3:39 pm

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