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The Technology behind Netflix & the Chaos Monkey

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Innovative companies think different…

Suppose you heard that executives at a company like Netflix told their employees to go around and try to break the underlying  technology that delivers its services to millions of customers.

The basic philosophy of this directive being…

The best way to avoid failure is to fail constantly.

Sounds crazy. But is it? Here is a bit of more conventional wisdom

If we aren’t constantly testing our ability to succeed despite failure, then it isn’t likely to work when it matters

Nextflix created some software called the Chaos Monkey that goes around breaking parts of the infrastructure that delivers its services. The idea is to substitute resiliency for a dependence on reliability.  Is it easier to make things reliable or resilient?

You can read what others think about the philosophy of the Netflix Chaos Monkey here

Read about the Chaos Monkey…

And the underlying technology of Netflix…

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March 9, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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