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Main Trading Company – A Success Story

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In the past, I purchased some items from Main Trading Company.  I first found them on e-bay.  They had what I wanted at the right price.  So I made my purchase. I received more than what I expected, it was packed well, and the shipping was free on an item with a competitive price. Good for me; good for them.

From time to time they send me an e-mail telling me about new products or special deals. They do not overwhelm my e-mail box to the point that I un-subscribe to their mailings. All in all – A++. I would buy from them again and recommend them to others.

So, big deal. I am a happy customer, and they are selling stuff and making money. Case closed.

Adversity as Opportunity

But today I got another e-mail from them. This time it was different.

Richard Lenoir-KI5DX, the owner of Main Trading Company sent an e-mail to his customers with a success story.

It was his success story of how he, along with his wife, started a new business Main Trading Company after losing thier jobs.

I know this message is way too long and if I have not lost you so far I hope it doesn’t sound like we are bragging. We are not. This is just one amazing story and it has to be shared. We stand amazed every day. With all the negative stuff around us, we just feel we have to share this.

At the end of the email I wanted to name many folks that have helped us and made this business possible. The truth is, I cant. Every time I think I am at the bottom of the list , we come up with a few more. We have some pretty amazing friends, family and customers. Thank you so much for sharing this and making this ride possible. Without you it could have never happened.

So, I am posting this story, because I agree with Richard, that even though the economy is down and you may have lost your job, there is always a way to get back on your feet if you have an idea, drive, motivation, friends, and business sense. When faced with a job loss some people just give up, get depressed, or try to work the entitlement system living off other people’s wealth and labor. Other people use adversity as opportunity. I think “adversity as opportunity” is the story of Main Trading Company.

So, if you need a little inspiration, and the proof that it can be accomplished, here it is

Hello Friends!

Don’t click away just yet! We are not selling anything! We just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. It was three years ago today that we turned the lock for the first time and turned the first home made sign around at MTC. Many of you have been with us from the very beginning when we first started in the little restaurant building downtown. . Do you remember? We couldn’t afford a sign, shelving or anything. How we started is quite a long story as many of you know already. I hate to tell it again but it is really worth telling. We are amazed and very thankful to you, our customer.

In February 2009 I (Richard Lenoir) lost my job in sales. With the terrible local economy we didn’t know exactly what to do. We started buying a little surplus from home and putting it on ebay. Our ebay user name was maintradingcompany. Kind of a goofy name huh? I was going to DFW maybe once a week bring back a load of stuff to sell locally and on the net.

Many locals looked forward to me getting back to dig through the fun. Christy, my wife, worked in radio at the time and would help me unload the pick-up onto the patio. When she and the kids would leave for work and school in the morning our living room would be transformed into a warehouse. I would list all of the stuff and then pack and ship everything that sold the night before.

Packing peanuts get really messy. We still find them at times when we move something. I started bidding on several pallets at a time and was shocked when we won our first 8 pallet load. We ran into our first problem. How do we get eight pallets from DFW to our patio? We hired a moving company to move them. We continued to use the moving company for over a year to move the freight until we found out how to hire freight companies. We really thought we were big time when the driver showed up at our house and lowered the pallets down and rolled them up under our patio! I think Christy was actually having second thoughts although she never said a word. We sold all of that first load and got another. We then thought it would be a good idea, or at least I did, to put in a store front to let people look through the stuff before it went to ebay. After looking we found the perfect spot. It was the old Tropicana Restaurant Downtown Paris. It was just a little bigger than our living room. The owner agreed to rent it to us very cheap.

Christy and I had $2500, that is it. We were broke. We bought a few shelves, a computer and since we already had the assumed name certificate of Main Trading Company, we used that. We had some lettering done on the window and on June fourth we opened for business. Being a ham radio operator I wanted to carry a little used ham gear in the store too. As we sold our surplus we put the money back in inventory and equipment. We cut our living expenses way back. We prayed allot. We needed a little more capital. My parents helped out and I went to see our banker at the best local bank in town. I told him what we were doing and asked for a small loan. For some reason he let us have it. We were in big business now! With more product we started getting more walk in business.

Next step was the website. We had to have one. We got the site up and running and started putting our wares online. I remembered I had several hundred email address from promoting the Paris Hamfest so I started emailing many of you back then. Our business grew. We are not business people at all but we believe in treating

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June 5, 2012 at 3:36 pm

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