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Demo of the Flex 5000 Software Defined Radio

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Can you stop Burt Fisher K1OIK?  No, you can’t stop Burt Fisher talking about the Flex 5000 Software Defined Radio.

Check out Burt’s latest entry.  How to use the Virtual Audio Cable on the Flex 5000 SDR for digital modes.

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May 5, 2009 at 4:13 am

Software Defined Radio – Review of the FlexRadio 5000

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Burt Fisher K1OIK strikes again on Software Defined Radio
We wrote an article on one of his videos
Here are all his videos (to date) on the FlexRadio 5000

Not YouTube savy?  Then Lisa Nova is here to help

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March 4, 2009 at 4:36 am

Software Defined Radio – Burt Fishers (K1OIK) Review of FlexRadio 5000

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Software Defined Radio:
Burt Fishers (K1OIK) Review of FlexRadio 5000

We already wrote one article about Burt Fisher K1OIK.  This posting is just to draw your attention to Burts Review of a software defined radio – The FlexRadio 5000.

Folks reading reviews QST should be aware that their business model depends heavily on revenue from advertising.  Theoretically, it would not be to their benefit to write less then positive reviews of products – even if it was the truth of the matter.  For example, QST gets advertising dollars from FlexRadio.  If QST wrote a less than favorable review of the Flex Radio products then Flex may pull advertising revenue. 

This is the perennial collision of ethics and business.  Consume Reports maintains objectivity of product reviews by simply making the potential conflict of and advertising dollars vs objective reviews go away by accepting no advertising.  When was the last time you read in any QST review that any produt was not a wise purchase compared to other products on the market in the same category?

This is all to say, product review from real hams with no revenue at stake makes them more objective.  This is not to say they do a high quality or comprehensive review – its just to say that they don’t have a devil over one shoulder wispering revenue impact when they are doing product reviews.

In any case, here is a link to burts video review of the Flex Radio 5000.  This is the first in a series for the Flex Radio.  We suggest you subscribe to Burts YouTube channel

Burts YouTube Channel

Review of the Flex 5000A SDR Radio


Check out the WordPress auto generated related links about Ethics in Jouralism

Soon after that, Eidos threw a $%$#@  and withdrew their advertising from Gamespot. The rumur mill began grinding. The blogs began buzzing. Rumor has it that Gamespot lost hundred of thousands of dollars of future advertising revenue over that one bad review. Rumor has it that Jeff was sacrificed to the almighty dollar. Nobody knows how much of it is true, but the whole thing even made the front page of Slashdot. That’s about as big as a limited interest story like this gets.

Now, to be fair, nobody knows for sure that Jeff was fired for his review. I mean, it could be a coincidence that a respected, high profile, long-tenured writer was put out to pasture immediately after writing a bad review of a game that was responsible for tons of advertising revenue for his website. Maybe they were planning on firing him all along and were just victims of almost impossibly bad timing.

Jeff: Instant celebrity, official status as the “straight-shooting journalist who can’t be bought and sold.” Practically guaranteed another high-profile writing job, perhaps for an organization that understands that reviews are only as good as the perceived integrity of the reviewer.

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November 24, 2008 at 7:35 pm

On being Burt Fisher K1OIK: polishing the image of Amateur Radio

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Burt Fisher K1OIK is a long time Amateur Radio guy and retired high school teacher.  Burt seems now to have plenty of time to make videos on YouTube.  Good for him!

As a long time Amateur Radio guy, Burt had made some observations about Ham radio over the years.  Sometimes, when you are “in the system” (or “embedded in the culture”) of Ham Radio its a challenge to take an objective (“outsiders”) perspective on some of the activities and behaviors of Amateur Radio operators.  From certain perspectives some of the things that hams do are just “crazy”.

Check out these videos and see if he makes any sense.

Truth revealed about ham radio

Ham radio, a critical evaluation

The Real World of Ham Radio

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November 18, 2008 at 12:18 pm

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