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“If you don’t stand for something… you’ll fall for anything”

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In a victory for President Obama, the Supreme Court decided to uphold his signature health care law’s individual mandate in a 5-4 decision, upending speculation after hostile-seeming oral arguments in March that the justices would overturn the law. The mandate has been upheld as a tax, according to SCOTUSblog, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the liberal wing of the court. Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog says Roberts’ vote “saved’ the Affordable Care Act.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court’s swing vote, dissented, reading from the bench that he and three conservative justices believe “the entire Act before us is invalid in its entirety.”

Twenty six states sued over the law, arguing that the individual mandate, which requires people to buy health insurance or face a fine starting in 2014, was unconstitutional. Opponents cast the individual mandate as the government forcing Americans to enter a market and buy a product against their will, while the government countered that the law was actually only regulating a market that everyone is already in, since almost everyone will seek health care at some point in his or her life.

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Nine Angry Justices

The really great thing about the US Supreme Court is that it does not rule by consensus. That is, they do not meet and then come together as one happy family with everyone in agreement. There is a majority opinion but also arguments of dissent written into the records of the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Contrast this with consensus-based decision-making by reading this article: The C-word: Consensus

You can gain a great deal of insight into the workings of an organization by being observant of the decision-making process. I have always held this saying in my back pocket –

“If you don’t stand for something… you’ll fall for anything”

I heard a story a while ago from an executive who was told by the CEO something like… “If all you are going to do is agree with me then this company does not need both of us. And if they don’t need both of us, then you are going to be the one to leave.

There is a difference between consensus decision-making where everyone is beat into submission vs groups of people who disagree and have strong opinions but come to a majority opinion which they all support for the good of the organization.

When I hear that some group of people came to a consensus I wonder if anyone really cared, or had a strong opinion. Or perhaps maybe no one really cared about the issue, or at least lunch or going home for the day was more important than working out the best decision for organization based on each individuals perspective.

12 Angry Men

Got nothing to do after reading this? 

Then go watch the movie Twelve Angry Men for some insight into group decision-making.

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