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Saturday Night Live on Amateur Radio

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A thousand television channels and nothing to watch?  A million movies on Netflix and nothing interesting?  Every track of music every recorded available to you on-demand and nothing you want to listen to?

Why not listen to the Amateur Radio Liberty Net?  Don’t have a radio?  – not a problem.  Not available when it’s on live on Saturday night? – not a problem, you can listen to recordings of past Liberty Nets anytime.

Check out The Liberty Net – live on Saturday night.  Not a ham?  That’s good, listen anyway.  Participate over the internet via live chat.

The rise of wireless also set off a popular movement to democratize media, as hundreds of thousands of “amateur operators” took to the airwaves. It was the original blogosphere. “On every night after dinner,” wrote Francis Collins in the 1912 book Wireless Man, “the entire country becomes a vast whispering gallery.”

Here’s your chance to listen to the legacy of the  wireless “whispering gallery” of Amateur Radio that Collins wrote about 100 years ago.

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May 6, 2012 at 3:25 am

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