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Proof of Innocence: Physics 101 pays off

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Wow.  Who would know that a little college freshman physics (kinematics) could get you out of paying a $400 ticket?  Caught this one on yahoo news and took a look at the paper the professor submitted to the court.  It was as if I was back in college with my mid-term exam in Physics.  I should get out my Halliday and Resnik and see if I can follow along.  Heck, I checked, and this textbook is still around in its 9’th edition and still used today – nothing like the “gold standard” of textbooks.  Physics, nor is physics education, exactly up to Internet speed.

Check out the story and the paper and enjoy a remembrance of  college physics 101

A physicist at the University of California San Diego used his knowledge of measuring bodies in motion to show in court why he couldn’t be guilty of a ticket for failing to halt at a stop sign. The argument, now a four-page paper delving into the differences between angular and linear motion, supposedly got the physicist out of a $400 ticket. If you want to use this excuse, you’ll have to learn a little math — and some powers of persuasion.

Read the paper –

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