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Can you determine a mans age by how high he wears his pants?

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How about some fun for a change?

Can you determine a persons age by how high they wear their pants?

First of all we will use the scientific method… a relatively new approach ( read )

The Claim

By age 45 pants are 2 inches above where they should be. By the time a man hits 57, he’s wearing his pants just 7 inches below his arm pits!

Here’s an article ( read )

It’s one of the oldest jokes in the book.  Old guys love to have their pants pulled up to just under their arm pits.  Everyone has a laugh, and then we move on to black socks and sandals in Boca Raton.  Well, as it turns out, the joke is funny because it’s true, according to research from British department store Debenhams.  As men get older, they wear their pants higher!  That pretty much explains the “Pants on the Ground” guy’s obsession with waistlines!

As teenagers, most kids wear their pants baggy and low on the hips. When that teen graduates college and journeys into the job world at about age 27, his pants find his natural waist and stay there for a good 12 years. Then, it starts to happen; pants creep is in effect. By 45 pants are 2 inches above where they should be.  By the time a man hits 57, he’s wearing his pants just 7 inches below his arm pits!

Debenhams hopes that this research will allow them to design pants appropriate for men of varying shapes and ages.  Good luck getting them to wear them.  As Debenhams spokesman Paul Baldwin says, “However, our hardest task continues to be persuading men to confront the fact that their trouser waistbands have risen.  From our experience, men still prefer to assume that their trousers no longer fit because their legs have suddenly grown.”

The empirical evidence

This younger generation – sad indeed. Perhaps all we need is some better education and some better role models. Perhaps we could set theses kids down and show them the proper mode of dress for the gentlemen they are

But, I suppose, we don’t need to worry about creativity on the part of the 20-something generation.


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April 8, 2012 at 5:33 am

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