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Does America Have Talent?

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Earlier this week I watched Landau Murphy on America’s Got Talent win $1 million dollars and the chance to headline a Las Vegas show. Who is Landau Murphy?  Well, up until a few months ago he worked at a car wash – a nobody. Now, he’s a star and everyone knows his name. What was the process of transformation? Well, nothing really. Landau Murphy is the same person today as he was when he was working at the car wash. How did he get from “nobody” to “everyone knows your name”? Simple, opportunity and visibility.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., won’t be washing cars again — unless they’re his own.  The soulful vocalist who once supported himself by washing cars at an auto dealership sang his way to victory on Wednesday on “America’s Got Talent.”  “Thank you so much for just believing in me,” he said upon hearing his name announced at the end of the NBC talent competition.  “It’s been a long, hard journey,” he went on, barely holding back his tears as the audience roared, “ever since I was a kid. And it’s finally paying off”.  Murphy, a native of Logan, W.Va., wins $1 million and a Las Vegas headlining contract.

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Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. has talent. What the TV show did for Landau was to provide a venue to display his talent – nothing more. How do we know he has talent?  Because he demonstrated it. To whom? To the millions of viewers of America’s Got Talent who were convinced to the point that they made an overt act to vote for him. And, to take a small leap, those people who voted are potentially those people who would pay to come and see his show in Las Vegas. 

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  has talent because he demonstrated it in public and it was judged to be the (best) talent (of all the contestants) by those who were consumers of entertainment who are likely to pay to see a Las Vegas show where he would be the headliner.  Do we need any more proof than this that he has talent.  There’s nothing like a public demonstration to make your case.

America’s Got Talent – Corporate Edition

Any company that is anybody has these things called “Ideation Events”.  It may not be called exactly this where you work but whatever it’s called, these events signal a few changes that differentiate the current age from the traditional hierarchical “command and control” workplace environment of only a few decades ago.

  1. Executive’s realize that they are in a highly competitive global marketplace
  2. Corporations do not fail for lack of “things” – they fail for lack of ideas, judgement on those ideas,  and the ability to execute on chosen ideas.  In short, comapnies in a highly competitive global environments fail, or fail to keep a leadership position based on the speed of innovation.  (Who will catch Apple in the tablet or smart phone market?  And how will they do it?)
  3. Executive’s realize they need to mine the talent in organizations at a deep level
  4. Organizations are flatter – everyone talks to everyone
  5. Corporate internal collaboration spaces made possibly by Technology is an enabler of idea generation

This is what a launch of a corporate innovation event looks like (company details removed)

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September 19, 2011 at 4:08 am

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