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Google Minus – the new anti-social social network

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The major problem with Facebook is that it is friend-flat.  That is, your friends are your friends. Facebook informs your “friends” of everything that you do.  But what if you added a friend – just to be nice – but that person really didn’t matter to you.  What if you wanted to hide things from people?

So finally, there is the Google anti-social social network (Google Minus).  Google Minus allows you to form cliques, mutual admiration societies, and other forms of segmented social relationships.  The key is the ability to exclude people without them really knowing about it.  They may think you are their friend – but really, not.  It allows you to talk about “your friends” behind their back.  You can’t do that with Facebook!

Finally, an on-line social network that works like the real world.

See for yourself

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July 13, 2011 at 10:25 am

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