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Government transparency – Salaries of every City of Chicago employee posted online

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Folks in the City of Chicago can now see the detail of how some of their tax dollars are spent.

Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has published the salaries of every City of Chicago employee

Best of all, you can search it, sort it, filter it, slice it, dice it, and chart it.  Take a look.
How does your  non-government salary compare with these City workers?

And here is, “the rest of the story” – City of Chicago Data Portal


Written by frrl

June 9, 2011 at 6:19 pm

2 Responses

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  2. you might want to keep an eye on this fellow.
    he has big political designs, and needs more folks he can take advantage of.
    here is his partial record in wisconsin. there must be many others that are not known.

    2009TR005945 05-18-2009 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steven E 07-1957 Rock, County of vs. Steven E Trueblood
    2008SC000188 01-15-2008 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Park Place Apartments LLP vs. Steve Trueblood
    2007CV000104 01-19-2007 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Steve Trueblood vs. American Garage Builders & Lumber Co Inc
    2002SC003193 09-11-2002 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – William J. Sodemann et al vs. Steve Trueblood et al
    2002SC001784 05-09-2002 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steven – Amcore Bank N.A. vs Freedom Council of America Inc et al
    2002FA001105 11-08-2002 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steven E. 07-1957 Steven E. Trueblood vs. Linda M. Trueblood
    2001SC000066 01-08-2001 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Heritage Mutual Insurance Co vs Steve Trueblood
    2001CV001631 12-06-2001 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Janesville Country Club vs Steve Trueblood et al
    2001CV000023 01-04-2001 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steven E. – Steven E. Trueblood et al vs American Family Mutual Ins Co e
    2000SC002654 08-04-2000 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Marling Lumber Co vs Steve Trueblood
    2000CV000177 02-15-2000 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – General Electric Capital Corp vs Steve Trueblood
    1999CV001124 11-15-1999 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steven E. – Steven E. Trueblood vs George Stathopoulos
    1996SC000262J 02-12-1996 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Schroeder Publications vs Steve Trueblood
    1995SC000220J 02-03-1995 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steve – Wisconsin Power & Light Co. vs Steve Trueblood
    1992TJ033627 04-08-1992 Rock Filed Only Trueblood, Steven – St Marys Hospital Med vs Steven Trueblood et al
    1981FA000027J 01-15-1981 Rock Closed Trueblood, Steven E. 07-1957 Steven E. Trueblood vs Debra M. Trueblood


    August 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm

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