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QR Codes: The new artwork of digital information encoding

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So what are those two-dimensional squares that look like art work?  Some fan mail from some flounder?

They are QR (Quick Response) codes. One of these squares can embed a lot of information. In fact, you can encode about 4,000 alphanumeric characters in one of these squares. The information can be a URL, a business card, an e-mail address, or any text you want – even a resume. Imagine that, your curriculum vitae in a square on your business card.  How about the next generation of tombstone markers?  Suppose we etch the story of your life in stone as a QR code that anyone with a mobile device could read as they walked through the cemetery?

QR codes are very easy to generate using software for a PC.  Just about anyone with a smart phone that has a camera and application capability can read the messages and information in these artistic squares.  If the content of the message is well-formed, a smart device can take an action.  For example, open a URL, create a business contact in an address book, send e-mail, or any other action of which the device is capable and can be linked to a directive in the message.  Pretty cool.  No license required to generate or use these codes.

Check out the video below of one New Yorker as she hunts down and reads QR codes posted in public places

The Wikipedia –

Create your own QR codes of Text, URL, Contact info, SMS, or Business Card

QR codes trending in Google Searches

The advantages and disadvantages of QR codes


Written by frrl

June 5, 2011 at 5:12 am

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