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Liquid Networks – That’s how we roll

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I ran across this photo on the internet (click the image to enlarge)

When I was in college I used to spend a lot of time at the Art Institute of Chicago.  One of the paintings (I don’t recall the title) that I used to always go to see was similar to the above but much more elaborate.  The painting was physically huge in size and extremely intricate and detailed.  It was a forest scene with hundreds of all sorts of creatures doing different things.  Each creature was engaged in an activity.  Each creature had a very intricate facial expression reflective of the activity that was being performed.  Some of the creatures were distorted based on what they were doing.  For example, a man trying to lift a heavy log had arms that were stretched and elongated.

The first time I saw this painting I spent about an hour looking at the intricate detail.  Every time I went back to the Art Institute I again looked at the huge painting to see what I missed.  What were all these creatures doing in this painting?  Why were they engaged in these activities?  Which creatures were working together and which were working alone?  Why did they have these facial expressions?  Taken as a whole, what was the painting trying to reveal?

So, when I saw the image above on the internet I thought about those days at the Art Institute.  This photo on the internet was tagged with “The Liquid Network”.  So, I looked that up and came up with this blog entry

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