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With the real employment rate at about 17% (higher or lower depending on where you live) some people have found innovative ways to get some additional income.  As they say, when times get tough the tough get going.

I am not sure where these folks fit in.  But, no sense in not just “asking” for money in the “kindness of strangers” sort of way.  Perhaps these folks feel that the entertainment value alone of their signs will get them a monetary contribution.

Let’s see how good these folks are at marketing their cause and persuading you to open your wallet –

Here is a guy who gets right to the point.  Lets call this the Anna Nicole Smith approach

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see what Bill looks like. But, with the beard, looks like a catch.

Here is another approach that would appeal to the family man.

Who wouldn’t want to contribute $0.98 to get the wife back?  A buck for entertainment value alone.

Here is an example of self-sacrifice.  Here is someone who will trade verbal abuse for money.

I find this one a little suspicious.  I can personally have empathy for someone would could not blog.  BUT, we all know that is a FREE blogging platform.  Nice try.


Unemployment Rate by State –

The Real Unemployment Rate –


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