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Watson Supercomputer Terminates Humans in First Jeopardy Round

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Keep your eye on Watson – The Singularity is Near

IBM supercomputer Watson closed the pod-bay doors on its human competition Tuesday night in the first round of a two-game Jeopardy match designed to showcase the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The contest concludes Wednesday…

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TED Event – Thursday Feb. 17, at 11:30am EST.

IBM’s language-savvy computer Watson has been dominating against humans on the game show Jeopardy! for the past two nights, and makes his final appearance this evening. And tomorrow, live on, IBM is hosting an insider’s conversation about Watson with Watson’s principal investigator Dr. David Ferrucci, IBM Fellow Kerrie Holley, and Columbia professor of clinical medicine Dr. Herbert Chase, hosted by Man v. Machine author Stephen Baker.

The big question: Now that Watson has succeeded on a game show, the team is digging in to develop real-world products based on this exciting technology. They’ll be asking: What’s next?

And you can ask these panelists a question too: Between now and 10am EST tomorrow, tweet your questions, and tag them #askwatson or #ibmwatson to have your tweet considered by the panel. Then watch live to see if they answer.

Tune in for the live webcast on tomorrow, Feb. 17, at 11:30am EST.

What’s Next? Indeed!

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