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Amateur Radio – When all else fails

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A quaint video from 1939.  But notice this.  What is new and current to one generation is nearly incomprehensible to the previous generation.  I’d put the yardstick of time of “one click” to 20 years.  In 20 years – one click on the technology timeline – and (perhaps the majority) of folks lose cadence with the ever evolving mainstream society transformed by technology.

If I’m applying the First Amendment, I have to apply it to a world where there’s an Internet, and there’s Facebook, and there are movies like … ‘The Social Network,’ which I couldn’t even understand… — Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

During the last presidential election much was made of John McCain’s lack of knowledge of use of the computer or the internet.  At least one of the Supreme Court justices is “perplexed” by the story of Facebook … “The 72-year-old justice said in a speech at Vanderbilt Law School on Tuesday that he was perplexed when he recently saw the film “The Social Network” about the origins of Facebook.” ( read the story )

But, through all this new fangled technology of the Internet, Twitter, e-mail, the cell phone infrastructure, satellite phones, and given the limited range of smoke signals and unreliability of carrier pigeons – Amateur Radio will get through when all else fails.

If you need to send a Radio Gram here is a handy form –

Bonus video – The “New Math” –

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January 23, 2011 at 7:36 pm

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