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SolderSmoke – Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics

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Another good stumbled-upon and the power of serendipity combined with the global internet.

I ran across a couple of guys who started SolderSmoke.  This is a really great site, blog, and huge collection of audio podcasts where all sorts of subjects relevant to electronics, homebrew, and radio are discussed in a very high level of technical detail and professionally done.  So, you might want to take a listen to their extensive collection of technical mp3’s – all free to listen and download.

You can find the site here:
Scroll down for the Podcasts along with a content listing of each.

This is some really great listening for the more technical folks

The SolderSmoke blog is here:

There is also a book that is available on LuLu –—-global-adventures-in-wireless-electronics-%28european-edition%29/10898038

Here is a description of the book

SolderSmoke is the story of a secret, round-the-world, after-hours life in electronics. Bill Meara started out as a normal kid, but around the age of 12 he got interested in radio… To make matters worse, when he got older he became a diplomat. In all of the places he has lived, his hobby caused him to seek out like-minded radio fiends, to stay up late into the night working on strange projects, and to build embarrassingly large antennas above innocent foreign neighborhoods. SolderSmoke takes you into the world of an expatriate geek. It is a technical memoir filled with funny stories and with serious descriptions of Bill’s struggles to truly understand the theory behind the equipment that he built.

You can also preview a few pages from the book at the lulu site above.

Excellent website, blog, and podcasts from a European perspective.

This is probably the best collection of radio-related Podcasts I have found over the past year.


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