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I know there is a recession.  But still, companies need to maintain high standards.
Poor John L.T. of California has suffered greatly.
Upon receiving his $400 Mont Blanc Generation Ballpoint Blue he wrote this review

It is truly very sad indeed to see Mont Blanc lower its superb standards of excellence in an effort to attract the unwashed masses to a name associated with sophistication and success. This writing instrument is hardly worthy of the name Mont Blanc and in reality bears very little resemblance to the authentic experience. One need not even bother to describe this tawdry imitation, a cheap attempt to share the aura of Mont Blanc with the plebian more suited to a Bic. In fact, if not for the Mont Blanc logo itself, this would appear to be something from the Office Max catalogue of Pilot pens boxed by the dozen for mass consumption in cubicles. Mont Blanc has betrayed its own legend by producing something of this sort. I have posted a quite vehement letter of protest to the directors of Mont Blanc in order to voice the dismay of Mont Blanc loyalists who find this creation an abomination and take it as somewhat of a personal insult. Their reply is awaited with anticipation of an apology and one hopes this is a terrible mistake, never to be repeated.

Very disappointing

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September 29, 2010 at 3:59 am

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