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President Woodrow Wilson – “Leaders of Men”

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When I read the proposed constitutional amendment to remove term limits from the President of the United States I thought of Presidents like this guy – Woodrow Wilson.  Woodrow Wilson was the 29’th President of the United States during the Progressive Era.

In 1889 Wilson wrote an essay entitled: “Leaders of Men”

Here is a slice

The true leader of men is equipped by lacking certain sensibilities which the literary man, when analyzed, is found to have as a chief part of his make up. He lacks that subtle power of sympathy that enables the men who write the great works of the imagination to put their minds under the spell of a thousand motives not their own but the living force in those whom they interpret

The competent leader of men cares little for the interior niceties of other people’s character.  He cares much everything for the external uses to which they may be put.  His will seeks the lines of least resistance; but the whole question with him is a question as to the application of force.

There are men to be moved: how shall he move them? He supplies the power; others supply only the materials upon which that power operates. The power will fail if it be misapplied; it will be misapplied if it be not suitable both in its character and in its method to the nature of the materials upon which it is spent; but that nature is, after all, only its means.

It is the power which dictates, dominates; the materials yield. Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.

Woodrow Wilson would make a good no-term-limit President of the United States

Read the essay –

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