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Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the United States

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Are you paying attention to the proposed changes to the US Constitution?

In writings of the founding fathers the Constitution of the United States was called “an experiment”.  The authors of the Constitution provided for the provision to change, as circumstances arose, this founding document of the United States.

Are you paying attention to the proposed amendments?

You can find them on the website

Some of the more interesting amendments include:

  1. Removing term limits on the President of the United States (was this sponsored by Hugo Chavez (read) ?
  2. Abolish the Electoral College
  3. The right of everyone to affordable housing
  4. Government protection against unemployment and to provide “existence worthy of human dignity” through “social supplements”
  5. Ok, everyone in the pool – “… proposed amendment to give citizens the right to propose amendments to the Constitution through an initiative process”

You can see all the amendments proposed to date by entering this link


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