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Memes: Information Packets with Attitude

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So what’s a meme?  What are they made of?  How do they replicate?  How do they travel?
Can memes travel over the internet?  If  so, with the internet touching every part of the globe, are we not entering an unprecedented time in history for the viral and unstoppable  transmission of memes? 
Is the Internet the ultimate host for memes?  What happens when people pick up memes and then pass them on in social situations?  Once in the population, then the continue to replicate, mutate, and evolve.

Do you have to have a mind to have a plan? Are memes literally alive?  Can a meme destroy a culture?   Can a meme give rise to a new cultural understanding as they travel through the population?  How do you make a judgement if particular memes are “good” or “bad” – does this distinction have any meaning?

Can memes in the population supplant the biological mandate of self-preservation?

It is now known that memes can not be annihilated – no matter how hard we try – history has proven that.  Contemporary attempts by China and other countries to stop the memetic invasion is failing.

So what should we do?  What can we do?  Will what destroyed the invaders in “War of the Worlds” destroy us?

Watch this TED talk by Dan Dennett on Dangerous Memes


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August 13, 2010 at 2:41 am

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