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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

What better a post than to sandwich more from Tom Peters between 2 postings; one on the demise of the middle class in America and the other on the demise of the traditional business model of print journalism (newspapers)

Everyone is aware, or should be aware, of what is happening to traditional business models in the face of disruptive technology and innovation.

From the Federal Trade Commission article posted recently:

Journalism is moving through a significant transition in which business models are crumbling, innovative new forms of journalism are emerging, and consumer news habits are changing rapidly…

Corporations, organizations, and individuals are necessarily in one of three states when it comes to innovation and change.  They are either: 1) running away.  2) standing still  3) embracing the change.  And maybe I will add a fourth state – 4) creating innovative ways at looking at the world, society, and technology that creates change and builds a new future.  Was created by the booksellers.  No.  Was the personal computer created by a major player in the computer industry?  No.  What business is Google in?  Yours?  What, and who, is next?

It is not “business as usual”.  For those out to, as Steve Jobs says, “Make a dent in the Universe” and for those who envision a future of unlimited possibilities (as opposed to running away), here is more inspiration from Tom Peters on embracing the chaos.

They read Jim Collins and grok on “quiet, humble leaders.”
I say “Give me the Bold, the Brash, the Brassy, the Egocentric
    Dreamers who, like Steve Jobs, ‘Dent the Universe.’”

They say they need a “vision” born of McKinsey.
I say we need a “Grandiose Dream” born of a Passionate &
    Intemperate Belief that the world can be a different, better

They say “no child left behind.”
I say “education” is leaving ALL our children behind, as it is
    totally mis-aligned to deal with tomorrow’s (this afternoon’s)
    uncertain, ambiguous, creativity-driven economy.

They say we need to “bring effectiveness to the supply chain.”
I say we need an IS/IT/Best Sourcing revolution based on
    nothing less than an Entirely Original Vision of what
    organizations are and how they interact.

They say “Globalization is a bumpy road.”
I say India and China and Asia in general are within two
    decades of running the show: Get ready or get trounced.

They say “defense” and “consolidation” are musts for a global
I say encourage Offense, nurture a Generation (or 10) of
    Entrepreneurs, cherish Creativity & Risk-taking from primary
    school onwards … and don’t expect to be saved by a bunch
    of bulky, retro behemoths commanded by a phalanx of Old
    White Guys who think 30 minutes a day on the corporate
    treadmill and 27 holes on the links are a fit defense against

They say “If it can’t be precisely measured then it isn’t real.” (And I
      suppose if it can be measured it is real? Think Enron? Adelphia? WorldCom?)
I say “If it can be precisely measured it isn’t real.” (Think Age of Intangibles
      & Relationships.) (Think: “He knew the price of everything and the value of nothing.”)

They say “Rationality is the Bedrock of Modern Society.”
I say “Irrationality (irrational exuberance?) is the Mother of all True
    Entrepreneurial Pilgrimages.”

They say “Order is the necessary precursor to measured,
    sustainable success.”
I say “Dis-order is the precursor to Opportunistic Sorties, Market
    Creation, Quantum Leaps, and Entrepreneurial Adventure.

They say “To get anywhere, you have to know exactly where the
    hell you’re headed.”
I say “If you know precisely where you’re headed and exactly how
    you’re gonna get there, then you clearly suffer from Advanced
    Shrivelus Imaginationus.” (This disease is fatal.)

They say “Employees need Well-defined Structure.”
I say “Talent should be encouraged to embark on Quests to the

They say “I’m here to maximize shareholder value.”
I say “I’m here to inflame each & every member of my Awesome
    Staff to embark with Vigor & Determination & Passion &
    Enthusiasm on a Quest of Monumental Consequence.” (And if I come
      even close to succeeding, it  will, in fact, dramatically  up the odds of Thriving Amidst Today’s Chaos—and
      creating untold shareholder value in the process.)
They say “Wait your turn, honor those who have marched these corridors
    before you.”
I say Get Off Your Butt & Go for the Gold … TODAY … or sign the transfer
    papers willing your job in perpetuity to a Chinese or Indian who Gives a
    Shit and Gets Up (VERY) Early and works Saturdays & Sundays.

They say “offshoring” is a “blight.”
I say the Earth proved not to be the center of the Solar System … and the
    USA is not the epicenter-in-perpetuity of the Earth … and that we had
    best learn … NOW … to prosper and take pleasure in a dynamic,
    exciting, creative, multi-polar economic environment. (Damn it.)

They say “It’s a fright.”
I say “It’s a Helluva Ride.”

They say it’s “daunting.”
I say it’s “a hoot.”

They say “Life is a marathon; husband your strength.”
I say “Life is a sprint. Begin planning your World-beating Me Inc.
    start-up  … TODAY.”

They say lifetime employment was a boon.
I say lifetime employment was Indentured Servitude, modern-
    day Slavery.

They say “safety net.”
I say “I am my safety net; give me the ‘Ownership Society.’”  (And
      I’m a lifelong Democrat.)

They say “zero defects.”
I say “A day without a screw-up or two is a day pissed away.”

They say “Think about it.”
I say “Try it.”

They say “Plan it.”
I say “Test it.”

They say “continuous improvement.”
I say “Bold Leaps.”

They say “Keep on Improvin’.”
I say “Keep on Leapin’.”

They say “Built to last.”
I say “Built to Soar. We’re all dead in the long run … live your
    Insane Fantasy. Devil take the hindmost.”

They (Jim Collins) say “Walgreens is Cool.”
I say “I love Larry Ellison.” (Oracle rules … at least for the next ten minutes.)

They say “Play the odds.”
I say “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”
      (Thanks, Phil Daniels.)

They say “Eighty-hour weeks will kill you.”
I say “Work 35-hour weeks, and the Chinese will kill you.”

They say “Install cost controls with teeth.”
I say “Ha. Ha. Ha. Blow Up the existing enterprise and start with
    a Clean Sheet of Paper.”

They say “Install cost controls with teeth.”
I say “Grow the Top Line.”

They say “Radical change takes a decade.”
I say “Radical change takes a Minute.” (See AA.)

They say “Times are changing.”
I say “Everything has already changed. Tomorrow is the First
    Day of Your Revolution … or you’re Toast.”

They say “We can’t all be Anita Roddick or Maxine Clark or
    Stan Shih or Les Wexner or Jerry Yang.”
I say “Why not?”

They say “We can’t all be Revolutionaries.”
I say “Why not?”

They say “We can’t all be a Brand.”
I say “Why not?”

They say “Beware the Hype.”
I say “Been to China lately? Visited Infosys in Bangalore 

They say this is just a Rant.
I say this is just Reality.

They say “The man is not nice.”
I say “The times are not forgiving.”


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