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Connected By Being Alone

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I caught these quotes while paging through…  
Unplugged: My Journey into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction by Ryan G. Van Cleave

We hear constantly about cyberspace as a place of connections made between all kinds of people who would not have come together before.  Perhaps.  But every one of them has connected by being alone, in front of a computer screen, and this is a poor excuse for what community has meant for most of history  — Peter Goldberger New York Times

The close-but-distant contradiction to other players suited me well.  I wasn’t gaming to make friends.  I was gaming for the elusive high that most gamers chase. — Ryan G. Van Cleave 

I wonder how much Amateur Radio is like gaming?

People are connected by being alone in front of a computer screen (or Amateur Radio station); they have a close-but-distance relationship – especially in Amateur Radio contesting; they are there not to make friends – just make contacts and score points; the other people in the game or contest are there not as a person (in the full sense of the word – someone you are interested in)  but only as an object of play; and when they enter the virtual world in gaming or Amateur Radio as community, they can take on an alternative identity(or role as in role-playing)  and become a person of power and/or achievement & status, perhaps otherwise not available to them, in the real world.

The following text accompanied the above image –

This is a photo of me operating the North American QSO Party, a domestic Morse code amateur radio contest, from Paul. K1PT’s station. I’m operating SO2R – Single Operator Two Radios, and am listening to both radios at the same time, one in each ear.  The ability to do this requires practice, however the payoff is great.   Using two radios at once allows me to solicit contacts the entire contest period and continually search for new stations I need, both at the same time. I am logging all my contacts with the computers. I ended up winning this contest, my first win since moving to Florida in 2000.

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