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Population Control and The Tragedy of the Commons

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I came across an article from Science that was published back in 1960′s.  It was worth another read. 

One of the themes in this article is that there is a class of problems that have no technical solution.  To continue to try to create ever more complex technical solutions to problems that are not solved by technology is misguided and futile.  They key is to recognize the nature of the problem and the class of solution that is appropriate.

There are many “uncomfortable problems” that society needs to confront and provide a long term solution.  One such problem  is population control in a world of limited resources.  Population control is just one of a class of problems that can be categorized under the heading of  ”The Tragedy of the Commons”.

Simply stated, the Tragedy of the Commons is that the natural tendency for each individual to maximize their own benefit and utility in a world of limited resources and this behavior brings ruin to all.

From the perspective of the Tragedy of the Commons one can see that the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights may be misguided: Read the rest of this entry »

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