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The Complete Manual of Pirate Radio

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Or, How the world has been transformed by free global communications

I came across this artifact of the history of radio.

Here is no date on this pamphlet.  But, there is a reference to Radio Amateurs Handbook from 1972.  So, this dates the pamphlet from that era.  In the introduction the author cites the reason for the work

This pamphlet is intended for everyone who has a message to communicate but no means with which to do it.  This piece will provide the information necessary to obtain that means.  So, if you’re interested in providing an alternative to corporate-controlled newspapers and magazines… read on.

In theory, freedom of the press exists in this country.  But in practice, only the individuals and groups with very large amounts of money can take advantage of that freedom.  For example, to start a daily paper in just one major city would require assets of at least five, and probably ten million dollars…. So, taking advantage of the much vaunted freedom of the press in this country is out of reach.

Skip ahead about 25 years to 1995 and the utter transformation of global communications made possible by the Internet.  Who now, in 2010, does not have the means of communication to a global audience – for free!  In fact, you are reading an example right now.  Get your own free blog on

Here is a piece of history – for which, the Internet has made irrelevant.

The Complete Manual of Pirate Radio –


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March 31, 2010 at 5:55 pm

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