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Sneeze! – Seth Godin’s blog and books

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If you are interested in the ever-emerging ever-changing new culture made possible by the disruptive innovation of the internet you should be reading Seth Godin’s blog – and his books.

Seth’s books are quick and easy reads. Quick and easy does NOT mean they lack depth of thought on important ideas.  Quick and easy means that Seth can deliver important ideas cleanly and efficiently.  My experience of reading Seth’s books is that some of them can easily be read in one sitting ( Meatball Sundae, The Dip) but they contain ideas that may fundamentally change the way you think about things.

Here are some interesting snips from a recent blog entry on Culture.

Driveby culture and the endless search for wow

The net has spawned two new ways to create and consume culture.

The first is the wide-open door for amateurs to create. This is blogging and online art, wikipedia and the maker movement. These guys get a lot of press, and deservedly so, because they’re changing everything…

The second, though, is distracting and ultimately a waste. We’re creating a culture of clickers, stumblers and jaded spectators who decide in the space of a moment whether to watch and participate (or not)…

Should I write blog posts that increase my traffic or that help change the way (a few) people think?…

Should a charity focus on instant donations by texting from a million people or is it better to seek dedicated attention and support from a few who understand the mission and are there for the long haul?…

My fear is that the endless search for wow further coarsens our culture at the same time it encourages marketers to get ever more shallow. That’s where the first trend comes in… the artists, idea merchants and marketers that are having the most success are ignoring those that would rubberneck and drive on, focusing instead on cadres of fans that matter. Fans that will give permission, fans that will return tomorrow, fans that will spread the word to others that can also take action…

The difference this time is that driveby culture is both fast and free. When there’s no commitment of money or time in the interaction, can change or commerce really happen? Just because you can measure eyeballs and pageviews doesn’t mean you should…

In the race between ‘who’ and ‘how many’, who usually wins–if action is your goal. Find the right people, those that are willing to listen to what you have to say, and ignore the masses that are just going to race on, unchanged.

You can read the full blog entry (March 16,2010) and a list of his books here –

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