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AxCrypt – Keeping your information private on public backup sites and file storage

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If you are using a public backup system like Carbonite or Mozy and are concerned about the confidentiality of your data maybe this is for you.

Both Carbonite and Mozy tell you that your data is encrypted.  That may be true, but who has the keys to decrypt that data?  Very often, system administrators that work in data centers have all the access and tools they need to decrypt encrypted data.

Consider this.  Even though the data center where the data is stored may be in-country where you live  these data centers may use “low-cost globally-sourced” system administration resources.  Translated, this means that folks all over the world could have their fingers on your data.  If system administrators do have access to data and the keys then you are dependent on personal judgement and voluntary compliance with policy for these folks not to use access and tools to look at your data.  Do any of these public backup systems have a monetary penalty clause in their contracts where you will be compensated if the privacy of your data is compromised?

Why mess with any of the uncertainty of aspects of the privacy of you information that you can’t control or of which you have incomplete knowledge?  Remove the risk.  Why not simply encrypt the data before it gets into the “secure” public backup system?

For information that I allow a public backup service to store for me I use an encrypted folder.  For this I use AxCrypt.

Using AxCrypt ( free, open source ) right-click on a folder to recursively encrypt all the files and folder contained within.  Decrypt the same way – by individual file, by folder, or recursively through a set of folders.

In summary, make your concerns for the privacy of your data in the hands of a backup or file-store service provider go away by encrypting your information before it gets in their hands.

You can get AxCrypt below, plus instructions on how to use it

By the way, Mozy will give you 2GB of backup for FREE


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March 5, 2010 at 5:14 am

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