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What happened to (my) (Linden Labs) Second Life?

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So, you didn’t like your real life (First Life).  So there it was, Linden Labs Second Life – where the rules of  fame, fortune, success, respect, status, and social relationships worked by a different set of rules.  But what happens when the bloom is off the rose.  Now what?

At its peak, the Second Life economy had more money swilling about than several third-world countries. It had even produced its own millionaire, Anshe Chung, who made a very real fortune from buying and selling property that existed only on Second Life servers.

Three years on, and the hype has been extinguished. Second Life has seen its status as the web wonderchild supplanted by Facebook and Twitter. The newspapers have forgotten about it, the Reuters correspondent has long since cleared his virtual desk, and you can walk confidently around tech trade shows without a ponytailed “Web 2.0 Consultant” offering to put your company on the Second Life map for the price of a company car.

But what has happened to Second Life? Have the hundreds of thousands of registered players logged off and found a real life? Has the Second Life economy collapsed? And what’s become of the extroverts, entrepreneurs and evangelists I encountered on my first visit? There’s only one way to find out.

I’m going back in.

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Gartner has a framwork to understand “Hype Cycles” .
Check out a few current trends and see where they are on the framework.

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