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VirtualizationVMware vSphere Vs. Microsoft Hyper-V: A Technical Analysis

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If you work in a large corporate environment that real PC desktop on your desk might soon turn into a virtualized desktop on a corporate virtualized environment.  Same with that application server.  Virtualization is now a mature technology.  If you have Windows 7, you already have the ability to run a virtualized Windows XP alongside Windows 7.  And this is just the start.

If you are on the techie side, and want to find out about virtualization in general and two competing solutions in particular then take a look at his white paper.

The battle to be your virtualization vendor is in full swing, and it has important ramifications for the vendors involved, and for your data center. The goal of this whitepaper is to analyze the technical aspects of the two major choices: VMware vSphere 4 and Microsoft Hyper-V R2 (as part of Windows Server 2008 R2). This paper considers server virtualization alone, not desktop virtualization or “presentation virtualization”. Certainly presentation virtualization will be an important aspect of the virtualization gamut, but with the entry of Microsoft into the server virtualization market, and the still-unrealized huge potential for server virtualization, this is a topic of great interest to many datacenters.

From the Corporate Technologies Strategy Group
Read the white paper –

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