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Coast to Coast – “The Unslumberous Night”

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If you are a radio listening and not a fan of Coast To Coast – then get with (check out)  the program.

You might also have caught a glimpse into one of the odder realms of modern media. Lately, night people listen, in huge numbers, to a syndicated program called Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. It’s by far the most popular overnight show in the country. And it’s probably the most successful program of its kind ever aired.

But just what kind of program it is, no one can quite say. Its topical breadth alone defies categorization: aliens, time travel, 9/11 conspiracies, suspicious murders, vampires, mediated telepathy, birds of unusual size. Shadow People seem to show up a lot.

Every evening, Coast to Coast offers a running commentary on what keeps people awake, in fear or fascination, through what Keats called the “unslumbrous night.

Check out the article in Atlantic on the history and genre of late-night talk radio

The article –
The web site for Coast To Coast –
Listen live (streaming) on this AM station (near midnigt in the Americas)  –


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