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Why you should fire yourself – (before someone else does)

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It’s the start of a new year and a good time for a self-evaluation to avoid what could be called the “GM syndrome”.

Unfortunately, the GM situation reflects the reality that most managers become enamored with their own strategies and have trouble breaking free of their tried and true patterns. In other words, even when we intellectually understand that the world has changed and we need to do things differently, it’s difficult to let go. We become invested in what we’ve created and how we’ve learned to do things. And it’s not just managers at a troubled company like GM; it’s all of us.

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As an aside, back in 1985 former Intel CEO Andy Gove was in his office with Gordon Moore (Moore’s law) wondering how they would compete with the Japanese in the memory market.  Grove asked Moore “If we got kicked out of here and the board brought in a new CEO, what do you think he would do?”.  Moore responded, “He would get out of memories.”  Grove said, “Why don’t you and I walk out of the door, come back and do it ourserlves?”

This was a strategic inflection point for Intel – exiting the memory market and getting into the micorprocessor business.  The story is told in Groves book: Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company


Written by frrl

January 3, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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