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How to Make the Most of a Flying Saucer Experience

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Have you really ever thought about it?

  • Can you smoke on board a flying saucer?
  • Do you shake hands with them?
  • Should you bring a flashlight?
  • Can you bring your car aboard a flying saucer?
  • Will you be able to communicate if you don’t speak english?
  • and many more questions…

Can’t figure out what gift to give that “special friend” who talks about conspiracy theories and wears a tin-foil hat?  Then why not give them (send them) a free e-book by Professor Solomon?  Of course, at no cost to yourself!

Can I Smoke Aboard a Flying Saucer?

How to Make the Most of a Flying Saucer Experience

Not to your liking?  How about “How to Find Lost Objects”

and more –

Better yet, why not send your friends the free e-books…
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