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Managing Your Career – When IQ and Expertise are not enough:Or, why you need Emotional Intelligence to get ahead

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Or, why you need Emotional Intelligence to get ahead


The natural career progression

There is a natural progression in one’s career.

Generally, one starts out as a Individual Contributor, moves to Manager, and then to Leader.

From Self to Team to Organization

The transition along the continuum from Individual Contributor to Leader is a move of the focus of self to team to organization.

As an Individual Contributor one works on individual tasks and projects – it’s basically a solo effort; the focus is on self.  A key differentiator between an Individual Contributor and a Manager is the ability to delegate .  A successful Individual Contribution is measured by personal achievement and successful completion of individual tasks assigned by someone else.  A successful manager is measured by the success of the team.  Leaders are measured on the success of their organizations.

From Today to Fiscal Year to the next 5 years.

The transition along the continuum from Individual Contributor to Leader is a movement of focus of longer and longer time-frames and from tactical to strategic.

An Individual Contributor works on tasks in a time-frame of today, tomorrow, and the next day – tactical.  Managers focus on time-frames of this quarter, next quarter, and this fiscal year – tactical.  Leaders focus on direction setting for next year, three years from now, and perhaps five years from now – strategic.

Are the traditional transitions similar to this enough to get you to the CxO positions in major corporations?

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October 19, 2009 at 6:13 am

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