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Accidental Entrepreneurs: YouTube pays David $14K for a months fun at the Redneck Resort

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Revenue sharing

So you thought that all the content that people put up on YouTube was a waste of time?  Not so.  Google now has a Partner program and revenue sharing model with content providers.

If you have good content, lots of subscribers, and lots of hits, you can apply to be part of the Google / YouTube Partner Program.

I must have been asleep on this event – I just found out about it.

And, I was amazed at just how much money people are making on this.

The top channels on YouTube are making six figures a year in revenue sharing with Google based on click throughs to ads that appear on channel video pages.


Well, all I can say, is that all the work that early adopter YouTube content providers made to develop popular creative content for YouTube (at no compensation to them) finally has paid off – unexpectedly.

At the high end, I  would expect that folks like Lisa Nova and her creative and professionally done videos would be in the partner list – and they are – and she is.  Good for her!

…and, perhaps, unlikely

But, in my mind (and what do I know) there are some unlikely and unexpected Partners making a lot of money.

On the “other side” of Lisa Nova is Davids Farm.  Which is Davids real world Farm in Canada.  How much money has David invested in his video production equipment?  He says he has done it all with four $250 Sony cameras.

How the Partnership program works

You can watch this video for some insights into how the YouTube Partnership program works

Win – Win – Win – The Revenue Ecosystem

Its a win-win-win for everyone.  Google compensating these folks for high traffic videos creates an incentive for these folks to create more videos.  The more videos the more viewers.  The more viewers the more ad click-throughts.  The more click-throughs the more ad revenue for Google.  Don’t forget the source of the revenue – the more click-throughs the more product exposure.  The more product exposure the more product or service sales.   The more product and service sales the more marketing dollars to buy ads from Google – and Google shares that revenue with the content providers.   And so the symbiotic circle of life in the Capitalistic Ecosystem.

Does anyone lose?

Davids Farm – The Redneck Resort

Davids calls his farm a “Redneck Resort”.  You can watch his videos for yourself and make your own decision.

Good or bad; high class, low class,  mid class, or no class – it doesn’t matter.  These folks deliver the viewer ad click-throughs to google ads that appear on their video pages – and in return, they get compensated.

Here is David at the “Redneck Resort” showing  off his $14,000 check from Google for the month of July.

$14,000 in a month, at the Redneck Resort, just having fun.  Who needs a Business Plan – David is yet another Accidental Entrepreneur.



Written by frrl

September 26, 2009 at 4:48 am

2 Responses

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  1. youtube is becoming too huge to be usable, and it is full of useless videos now

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    December 30, 2009 at 9:34 pm

  2. ha ha ha, very nice

    try this to download the video

    you can also convert youtube video to 3gp files


    September 30, 2009 at 8:27 pm

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