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Accidental Entrepreneurs: YouTube pays David $14K for a months fun at the Redneck Resort

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Revenue sharing

So you thought that all the content that people put up on YouTube was a waste of time?  Not so.  Google now has a Partner program and revenue sharing model with content providers.

If you have good content, lots of subscribers, and lots of hits, you can apply to be part of the Google / YouTube Partner Program.

I must have been asleep on this event – I just found out about it.

And, I was amazed at just how much money people are making on this.

The top channels on YouTube are making six figures a year in revenue sharing with Google based on click throughs to ads that appear on channel video pages.


Well, all I can say, is that all the work that early adopter YouTube content providers made to develop popular creative content for YouTube (at no compensation to them) finally has paid off – unexpectedly.

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Written by frrl

September 26, 2009 at 4:48 am

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