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Accidental Entrepreneurs: the evolution of a small business

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Accidental Entrepreneurs ?

“(08-11) 17:45 PDT — A month after he was laid off in October, 38-year-old Marcus Ronaldi realized he was facing the toughest job market he had ever experienced. “I had been out of work before, but this time I wasn’t getting any calls,” said Ronaldi, a high-tech job recruiter.

In November, as he despaired of landing a full-time job, Ronaldi started taking subcontracts from other recruiters with hard-to-fill vacancies in technical or executive fields.

“At first I did it just to keep busy and to help pay the bills, while I continued looking for a job,” said Ronaldi of Daly City.

But as he got more contracts, Ronaldi began to consider himself self-employed, a conviction that jelled a couple of weeks ago when he got a tip about a full-time job.

“I turned the tip over to a friend because I was happy doing the contingent stuff,” he said

Ronaldi is an example of what Bay Area business analyst Carolyn Ockels calls “necessity-preneurs” – people who become self-employed because regular jobs are so tough to find.

“I think a lot of people are trying to fill the income gap with any skill or service they can find,” said Ockels, managing partner of Emergent Research in Lafayette.”

A July report from the Small Business Administration documents the self-employment surge nationwide. The SBA said the number of self-employed people grows about 2 to 3 percent a year when the economy is good. In 2008, the most recent year on record, the number of people working for themselves jumped 8.1 percent.”

Accidental Entrepreneurs / Necessary Entrepreneurs ?

Wow.  People starting their own business.  “Accidental” and “Necessary” in the context of Entrepreneurs does not give the impression that the decision to go into business was an intentional, planned, deliberated, and considered process.  It sounds more like a reaction to unexpected (or at least, undesirable) series of past events. 

Is “taking the plunge” into small business a good idea if you are an “Accidental” Entrepreneur?

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September 19, 2009 at 3:18 pm

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