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The University of Phoenix – Business model mystery solved

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This take on the University of Phoenix (UoP) is complements of Michael Gerber. Gerber has written a number of books targeted for small business owners.

Gerber is probably most famous for this concept of the E-myth with a book of the same name.  The E-Myth: Why Most small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.

The e-myth is stated below- It is the “fatal assumption” and why many small businesses fail.

“E-Myth stands for the “entrepreneurial myth,” the end product of which is most often a business and life disaster.  The E-Myth says that technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure believe that because they understand how to do the work of the business they intend to start, they are automatically gifted with an understanding about how to build and grow a business that does that work.”

But enough of that – if you want to read Gerber’s E-Myth books – have at it.

I mention the E-Myth in the larger context of Gerber’s analysis of what makes a business successful.

Back to the University of Phoenix (UoP) and Gerber’s take on this.

Gerber uses UoP as an example of the clarity one must have in setting up a business.  That is, clarity of your business model – clarity in which category you compete; clarity of who your customers are; clarity in what product you are offering; clarity in what your customers expect, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The Chimera of the University of Phoenix

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A Doctor’s Plan for Legal Industry Reform

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If politicians (who are mostly lawyers) can reform health care can doctors reform the legal industry?

Read the entertaining “A Doctor’s Plan for Legal Industry Reform: My modest proposal to rearrange how lawyers do business” from the Wall Street Journal.  Link on our Mashups page.

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