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Emergency Battery Backup Power System K2FR Ham Radio

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Check out the video link below –

This is my Emergency Backup System

-115AH deep cycle marine battery
-PWRgate PG40S
-RigRunner 4005
-Whatt Meter
-Power Poles

Complete Standby system, always hooked upto the battery and should the Residential power go out, ill be uninterrupted. Once, the 400 watt inverter is hooked up I plan on running one of my smaller computers off of it as a backup system, so the computer does not abruptly shut off if the power goes out.

The reason for wanting to add a solar panel eventually, for Field day id like to be class A and not need to ever fire up a generator or any other commercial power to get my gear online. Ultimately, if a disaster (large ice storm/severe weather etc etc) knocks out commercial power for weeks, having a way to recharge my battery will be beneficial .

The entire system in its entirety cost around 500 US dollars. — Thanks!

This is the video –


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July 23, 2009 at 3:46 am

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