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Dayton Hamvention 2009

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Did you miss the 2009 Dayton Hamvention?  Too bad.  Take a video tour

Go to the Dayton Hamvention 2009 virtually compliments of WA5KUB

The Illiad and the Odyssey Dayton Hamvention style

When Paris of Troy stole Helen (the most beautiful of all women) from the king of Sparta a great epic story began to unfold.  It’s too bad the greek writers and historians like Homer did not have a video camera, global wireless network, and the internet.  If Homer had this then high school students would not be tortured reading the Illiad and the Odyssey – they could just watch highlights on YouTube.

But WA5KUB does have a video camera, a global network, and the internet.  So you will be able to watch the great epic journey to the Dayton Hamvention 2009 and the events that will transpire.  Perhaps he will not find Helen – the most beautiful of all women – but maybe he will find some good hamfest buys in the fleamarket.  I once saw a kitchen sink at a hamfest – how about a big wooden horse?

Modern technology to the rescue

How do we do it?

We are using windows media encoder 9 on a laptop with a camera. The camera is mounted under the mirror in the front windshield.  From time to time we will rotate it around to give a view inside the car.  We will also be using a cam mounted on a helmet (called the helmet cam). You can see a picture of it on this page.

The laptop has a wireless network card.  We are using Verizon’s national broadband access. We have added an external 6db antenna outside the car and have also inserted a 2 watt amplifier. The freq is CDMA around 1850-1900 Mhz.  In broadband areas like Dayton and Memphis, you can get 180K bursts upload and about 700K download speeds.  On the road outside the broadband cities, we will have slower speeds like 50k upload and 100k download.

While traveling between cities, the connection speed may drop low and we may be transmitting video as low as 30Kbps but it is possible to transmit in some areas much higher (100Kbps)  The signal strength will determine what speed and quality we transmit at.  Since the laptop is going to have limited bandwidth, we send that video stream back to a Media Server.  This server is connected to the internet with a very high capacity uplink.  When you access the web page, you will be watching video directly from our media server.  If we are able to get a 100K stream connection from the laptop to the server, then all of you will be able to watch video at the 100K rate.

You can see the importance of the server now.  Say if we have 300 viewers on at the same time, each would be using 100K of uplink bandwidth.  so 300x100K = the need for a 30 Mbit uplink connection to the internet.   Hopefully while in Dayton at hamvention, we will have high speed connection and can up the video speed to 100k or better.

Check out these links for all the details


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