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CCrane CCRadio with 2 Meter Ham Band

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Holy cow. What hath God wrought?  Someone has put 2-meter ham reception in a commercial AM/FM radio.  Check out the new C.Crane CCRadio-2 that has AM/FM/Weather/2-Meter Ham Band.

Previous versions of the CCRadio had AM/FM/Weather/TV-Audio.  In the age of digital television, the ability to receive analog TV audio is useless.  So, what do they pick as a replacement.  Wow – the 2-Meter Ham Radio Band.  Perhaps placing 2-meter ham band reception on the table top consumer radio may spur interest in Amateur Radio by ordinary citizens.

Here is what C.Crane  has to say about its new radio.

The radio designed for long-range AM Reception and now Emergencies!

The new CCRadio-2 has the same familiar look and layout as previous models of the CCRadio but with even better AM Reception and the addition of the 2-Meter Ham Band. The boost in AM performance comes from our patented Twin-Coil Ferrite(r) AM Antenna, and other improvements built into the CCRadio-2. AM stations continue to sound just right, thanks to audio that’s optimized for voice clarity. After you select a station, the CCRadio-2 evaluates the signal for several seconds and then locks in for the highest signal possible.

FM reception is a little better than the CCRadioplus while the Weather Band can keep you informed of any government-issued alerts. The addition of the 2-Meter Ham band may make the CCRadio-2 a life saver during an emergency like hurricane Katrina. 2-Meter Ham operators are early on the scene and they donate their time while handling perhaps 90% of the emergency coordination efforts. The CCRadio-2 can act like a simple radio scanner and search the five memories for ham operator communications. The sensitivity (squelch) can be adjusted for best results. More information about the 2-Meter Ham Band can be found at\2-meter.

The CCRadio-2 comes in our original Black Mica or a new Titanium color. It features a brighter, clearer LCD display with a full backlight and three levels of adjustable brightness plus an “off ” setting. Five years ago we made changes to the durability of our CCRadio LCD display that have proven to be robust. Other features include: 5 memories per band (AM, FM, Weather and 2-Meter bands), adjustable display light, adjustable bass and treble, clock alarm, sleep timer, auto scan, stereo headphone jack, line-input jack, and line-output jack.

Weight: 4 lbs (without optional batteries) Size: 11″ W x 6.5″ H x 4″ D.


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May 11, 2009 at 4:10 am

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