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How to make a FoxHole Radio

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During World War II GI’s in foxholes in Europe and POW’s would build radios out of whatever was available. No matter how bad your situation you might be able to get a hold of some wire, a razor blade, and a pin or pencil.  If you had all these things you could build a simple receiver to hear local broadcasts.
These simple radios made by GI’sand POWs  during WWII were generically known as Fox Hole Radios.  Check out our collection of videos, other assets and build your own fox hole radio.  A good family project with your kid.

How to make a FoxHole Radio
Fox Hole radio by a 10 year old kid
Another kid tells his story – ( obviously a budding video producer)

The Technical Stuff

Cat’s Whisker Detector’s-whisker_detector
Some History (read the disclaimer)


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