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How do you Measure Small Business Success?

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Economic woes in 2009?  How much of the economy is small business and how do you measure small business competitiveness and success?

How do you Measure Small Business Success?
Competitiveness in this context is defined as the level of success a small business achieves in
conducting the organizational activities critical to its short and long term viability. The more
competitive a small business is, the more likely it is to meet the personal and business goals of its
owners and show positive financial results. Because success is multi-faceted, an index is needed
to adequately assess it. The Small Business Success Index (SBSI) provides one overall
measure of success, based on several unique dimensions of competitiveness. Success can
therefore be quantified on a scale of 0 to 100 (completely failing to completely successful). The
SBSI is based on 28 measures, which capture the six dimensions (or sub-indices) below:

A Quick Read on the State of Small Business and the Small Business Success Index
2009 Baseline Study of Small Business Success State of Small Business Report
from Robert Smith School of Business at University of Maryland & Network Solutions


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