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Outing Scott Adams – the creator of the Dilbert Comic Strip

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dilbert_instoryThe usual corporate scenario

In the northwest suburbs of Chicago is the corporate headquarters of a particular global company.  This company occupies two towers of about 20 floors each.  In each tower is a bank of elevators.  At the opposite side of each elevator bank is an area where there is a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishes, utensils, and cabinets – everything that makes life livable in the workplace.  There is also a bulliten board in these areas.

The Ritual

There is sort of a ritual at this company.  It happens once every month or so.  The ritual is performed by the Human Resource Department.  At the appointed time, a human resources staff member makes a “sweep”.  The “sweep” is to go to each floor in each tower – that’s 20 floors in 2 towers in 2 areas – to check and pull down any Dilbert cartoons that the employees post on the bullien boards.  That’s 20×2×2, or 80 bulletin board that need to be swept of Dilbert comic strips.

So who is Dilbert ?

Dilbert is a bespectacled buckethead with a perpetually upturned tie and a pocket-protector worn as a coat of arms. He slaves as an engineer in some vast corporate cubicle hive, dodging lethal directives from dunderheaded managers. His creator, Scott Adams, writes from personal experience: Adams spent 17 years in a cubicle himself, first at Crocker Bank and later at Pacific Bell.

Who is Scott Adams ?

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February 24, 2009 at 6:30 am

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