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Dematerialize your Linux System: Or, why buy the Taxi when all you need is a ride?

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cloudcomputing_logoIt’s the great chain of related content.  First we suggested that you use Clonezilla to do disaster recovery on your Linux System.  Then we suggested  that you don’t need that – that you should go Virtual instead.  Would you ever trust us or are we just giving you the run around on what do to about your pesky Linux system?

Regarding Linux disaster recovery what problem are we trying to solve?  We are trying to solve a problem that, really, needs to be solved because we may have made an error in judgement.  Or, simply, that we don’t understand things clearly.  What have we not understood – what is the essence of the question that will inform our judgement?

Lets think about this.  We have confused value with hardware.  You need to ask yourself a critical question.  Is Linux about Linux or is Linux about creating value? 

If you answer that Linux is about value – then the hardware and the operating system is a nuisance – you need to make it go away.  Really, you need to transfer the nuisance and the problem to someone else.

Computing in the Cloud

So, now the ultimate solution to your disaster recovery backups and the pesky physical hardware that sits there running Linux – contemplating in-itself when it will surprise you with a disk or other hardware failure – is to think in a new way about why you would want to own any hardware at all. 

Getting your value from the Cloud – not the hardware you own

The solution?  De-couple the value from the hardware.  Why own the hardware – “that’s crazy”. 

Cloud computing is being used by large corporations.  Providers of Cloud Computing for corporations will not talk to the “little guys” – you are insignificant.  Is there someone who will talk to the “little people”?

EC2 – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon dot com has a Cloud Computing solution for you.  If you need Linux they ( Amazon ) will make it available to you.  It’s inexpensive, scaleable, on-demand, pay only what you use.

Here is Cloud Computing explained in 5 minutes

How it works – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

How about Storage from Amazon


You really have to ask the critical quesion – why do you have a Linux system in the first place?  If you have Linux to run a e-commerce site then what you really want is to take orders.  Your web site is the  producer of a revenue stream.  Anything that does not directly contribute to producing that revenue stream should be reduced toward elimination.  Backups do not produce revenue – it detracts from it – its a cost against my revenue stream.  System administration does not produce revenue – it detracts from it – it is a cost against my revenue stream.  These are activities, for which the goal is to eliminate them – eradicate them – they are not in the value-producing chain.

How about this blog?  I create content.  Do I care if http://wordpress.comis running on Linux, or Windows, or a Mac, or even on a mainframe?  I couldn’t care less.  I don’t want to do backups or system administration – these are contrary to my purpose – they do not contribute to creating content for ths site.  If I had to do them then that would be time wasted against time I spend writing.

cloudcomputing_latka1Sometimes, you simply need to ask the right questions.  If you ask the right questions then you might find out that searching for the best disaster recovery tool for Linux – be it Clonezilla or some other tool – is “just crazy”.

Why would you buy a Taxi – if all you want is a ride?  Why buy any computer hardware, if all you need is the value it produces? 

What you do defines you.  Who are you, really?

Read an excellent blog article on the future of software-as-a-service here.

Written by frrl

February 19, 2009 at 6:38 pm

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