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On being Burt Fisher K1OIK: polishing the image of Amateur Radio

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Burt Fisher K1OIK is a long time Amateur Radio guy and retired high school teacher.  Burt seems now to have plenty of time to make videos on YouTube.  Good for him!

As a long time Amateur Radio guy, Burt had made some observations about Ham radio over the years.  Sometimes, when you are “in the system” (or “embedded in the culture”) of Ham Radio its a challenge to take an objective (“outsiders”) perspective on some of the activities and behaviors of Amateur Radio operators.  From certain perspectives some of the things that hams do are just “crazy”.

Check out these videos and see if he makes any sense.

Truth revealed about ham radio

Ham radio, a critical evaluation

The Real World of Ham Radio

Written by frrl

November 18, 2008 at 12:18 pm

93 Responses

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  1. Would you guys stop taking yourselves so serious, your amateur radio operators..not professional radio operators, get over yourselves.
    I have met burt many times at the fleamarkets and he is the nicest person.
    He is not attacking anyone he is having fun saying some comical things he has observed about ham radio operators.
    I have been a ham operator for 33 years, hold many commercial licenses and have worked as a technician for two-way radio companies for 25 years, so i can give my opinion.
    By the way burt is an electronics teacher… keep up the videos burt .


    May 1, 2015 at 2:19 am

    • He isn’t much of a teacher if he give as much mis-direction in the classroom as he indeed does on youtube.
      Just a load of hooey in many cases


      December 3, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    • The fact you’ve met Burt and think he’s nice doesn’t change how arrogant and nasty he’s been to people. I’ve seen this asshole mock disabled people on youtube. I’ve seen him respond rudely to young people whose only crime was because they asked him why he was being rude to others, and I’ve seen him act like an elitist JERK to those who asked legitimate questions. Oh but because you think he’s a nice man that somehow makes all of it go away? Burt’s an asshole to people because he chooses to be. You can defend him all you want but you’re defending someone who has offended a LOT of people for simply asking him a question. He’s an ASSHOLE but he doesn’t have to be but that’s what Burt wants so that’s how people respond to him. Telling us how wonderful he is isn’t very compelling because we see a very different Burt than you do.

      Randy Johnson

      December 6, 2016 at 6:27 am

  2. I watched Burt’s video, “The real world of ham radio” just now and while I found it amusing, it goes completely against who Burt Fisher actually is. Burt appears to be genuinely concerned with how ham radio operators talk to each other and how they interact while on the air. He seems to be concerned how they seemingly are only interested in getting your call sign, signal report and then brushing you aside.

    If this is true then why does Burt act like a complete ahole to people in forums like this and, moreover, on Youtube? Let me put it this way, Burt talks like he’s so considerate to people on the air when actually he’s the biggest dick you ever engaged in conversation when he’s not on the air. Just look at the way he addresses people on Youtube and it tells you just the opposite of him from what his video expresses.

    Burt, what makes you any different from other ham operators? They may indeed give people the brush-off when on the air but you piss all over people in other ways, sometimes people who never did anything to you but you still treat them with such disrespect you dishonor yourself and your daughter for apparently not understanding the world of ham radio lingo, and people are supposed to feel bad for operating the way they do while you sit there making video’s about them when YOU act like a dick to people in other other realms such as Youtube?

    Burt, you have to choose what kind of person you want to be and just stick with it. Ham radio tends to bring out a certain method of operating that does not reflect who people really are when it comes to how they really treat others. On the other hand, how you treat others in the forums of your video’s tends to reveal who YOU really are on the inside, which is a complete asshole. So tell us all, what’s the difference here? In short, you talk a big talk about how people treat others on the air but don’t care how you talk to people in person or on Youtube? You seem conflicted here. Most would call you a major hypocrite.

    I’ve read all the comments here from others and the majority all say the same thing. It’s not necessarily your views on ham radio they disagree with, it’s how YOU treat people that pushes them away. In the end you’re just as bad, if not worse, than those you talk about here. You’re everything you describe about others and then some. Perhaps you need to re-examine your need to talk out of one side of your mouth like you’re so concerned about how people operate on the air but turn right around and talk out of the other side of your mouth by treating people on Youtube and in person like shit.

    You dishonor your family by doing this. You dishonor amateur radio by acting this way. You dishonor yourself by being exactly what you claim to dislike so much. The fact ham radio has some of the traits you describe in no way excuses how you treat others.

    Glenn Baker

    May 29, 2013 at 4:29 pm

  3. I watch his videos all the time, funny guy plus he has some very informative videos other than the ones listed here.


    April 28, 2013 at 2:03 am

    • Yeah, too bad he’s such an asshole to folks. Otherwise more people might actually listen to him. I’ve seen his video’s on Youtube as well and if it weren’t for his selfish need to berate those who don’t happen to agree with his opinion he’d have a lot more people on his side.

      Burt believes if anyone who posts on HIS video’s who don’t list their personal information about who they are, where they live, how old they are, etc, he acts like a total asshole to them and claims they’re “hiding”, calls them “wimps”, “fatasses”, etc. He’s never even seen these people yet he calls them names merely because they didn’t agree with him – and for that they get called every name in the book? This is the funny guy you like so much?

      Most people don’t even care about what Burt thinks regarding ham radio because they’re too busy trying to figure why this idiot is calling them names when they never said anything remotely negative about him. Although some people do say negative things about him, it’s only because he’s such an asshole them FIRST.

      No, there’s something wrong with Burt Fisher, and I mean wrong as in either mentally wrong or some kind of physical handicap or retardation that causes him or anybody like him to respond the way he does to innocent people. Then he wonders why folks aren’t more receptive to his bullshit. Oh, another thing Burt will do is when people begin voting down his comments on Youtube he’ll change the settings on the video and eliminate the like/dislike feature, which just so happens to restore all his posts to people back from the dead. Then he’ll claim he did it because people are “shilling” him (as if). No, it’s because Burt Fisher is an asshole and sometimes people get enough of his bullshit and vote his ass down. Convenient isn’t it? When the vote doesn’t go Burt’s way he just changes the rules sway things in HIS favor. Real nice, huh?

      Most of the time people aren’t even commenting on his issues with ham radio. They’re commenting on his asshole attitude about them and why he’s calling them “fat” when they’re not, or a “wimp” when they’re likely a 6’5 250 pound human muscle. But in the world according to Burt he thinks it’s ok to bash the shit out of people just because they nicely didn’t agree with him. That’s why people don’t even care about his ham radio message, and instead it becomes a big free-for-all argument about why he’s such an asshole to everybody – even those who never even said a damn thing to him to begin with.

      This is who you hold in such high regard and is so informative? Sorry my friend but I have to agree with you there because anybody who acts this way to people doesn’t deserve to have their issues heard by The People, nor will they ever be taken seriously by the masses. But hey, to each their own….

      Michael Hammond

      May 20, 2013 at 3:54 am

      • My last paragraph should actually read that I DISAGREE with your comment about Burt. I mistakenly said I agree when I do not.

        Michael Hammond

        May 27, 2013 at 3:40 am

    • Burt is a big jerk to people who comment on his videos. I agree with the other person who said he is just an asshole to people. I also see him ragging on people if they don’t post their call signs or personal information. It is not a requirement on youtube that people post their person information but according to burt he says anyone who does not give everyone on youtube their personal info are all wimps and are hiding from something. This is the part that amazes people because burt posts his personal info out there and then proclaims that everyone must do it. These are the kinds of wacky things that he comes up with that make no sense. If he wants to do it that’s fine but to expect everyone who writes a comment to do it is just plain stupid. People don’t have to do this and he knows it but burt is all about insulting people. He wants to force his opinions down everyone’s throat but heaven forbid you post your own because he’ll go nuts on you and start calling people names. This is the little game he plays and I totally agree there’s something wrong with him on a mental level because for someone his age to act like that is pretty good evidence there’s something very wrong in his mind. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but when he insults people just because they didn’t agree with his every thought this is a good indicator them man isn’t firing on all eight cylinders and he’s got several loose screws somewhere.

      I don’t really have a problem with his opinions of amateur radio but like the other person said, most people don’t get a chance to get far enough to address those issues because burt offends these people with his mouth because he acts like to complete jerk to anyone and everyone who does not agree with his views. He has an excuse for for everything and it almost like he is acting like a child who is making excuses for the things he does. Even when you present burt with things he has done wrong he just says the same things over and over as if he is a small child who got caught doing something wrong. Nearly everyone who has problems with burt say the same things, they cannot talk to him because all burt wants to do is insult people. Even when it is not warranted burt will still blurt things out that make no sense at all. Calling people fat, wimps, cowardly, hiding, so on & so forth, none of it makes any sense but people know he only says these things because he doesn’t have the first clue who he is talking to so he just blurts out anything he thinks will insult them. The really interesting thing about this is we’re talking about a grown man who looks like he may be in his 60’s yet he is talking like this to people? These are the kinds of things a little child does but burt acts this way every day. Kind of shows you just who you are really dealing with. The man must have some kind of mental handicap to act this way to people. Very sad and even embarrassing to see someone of his age act like that but that’s burt. Certainly nothing to admire or look up to 😦


      May 20, 2013 at 5:03 am

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    March 19, 2013 at 3:42 am

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  6. I recall some years ago when Burt was running around like a headless chicken proclaiming that a 6 meter beacon was “QRMing” the “whole band”. He got the info third hand but was ,in typical Burt pot stirring fashion ready to slander the beacon owner “because”. That’s Burt, all hat, no cattle.

    Dick Tuck

    January 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

  7. Burt’s the kind of troll who wouldn’t dare to wear a callsign badge to a fleamarket.

    Dick Tuck

    January 7, 2013 at 4:54 pm



    November 23, 2012 at 6:58 am

    • Joe Amateur radio has it share of old geezers who think they own the airwaves. I lost count of how many times I heard “this is my frequency” of “This is our frequency because we used it before” as if the frequencies are conquer by use of land of antiquity. There is a bright note here, for the first time in many years NEW licenses are on a huge upswing, and there may be no end in sight for a while. This brings new blood in the stuffy nursing home mentality of Amateur radio. It’s long overdue. Burt has it right, sadly. Yea it may bug the Geezers and CB’ers in Amateur radio, but facts support Burts point well. But as far as I am concerned we need to clean up the CB’er element from Amateur radio, those idiots are the most destructive element. They own channels (frequencies) they jam others, act like fools, and of anyone doubts this, listen to 14.313 for a while, I did after I read about it and was horrified the FCC has done nothing for years about these nasty fools, and yes Canada has done nothing as well about the few over there who act like savages on 14.313. 75 and 80 meters is no exception, and don’t get me started on the ARRL contesters who think contesting trumps all other activities on the bands. Yes despite the denials they even try the contesting mentality on 17 meters lately. Contesting is a way to breed the most rude Amateurs, who just get on a frequency crank up to the legal limit and yes far beyond that often times and scream over everyone using that frequency and not give a damn about others. I grew tired of recording this insanity and sending it to useless Laura who does nothing but polish her seat. We need the FCC to finally do it’s job and not continue to CB the amateur bands. The FCC ruined CB radio and now their sights are set to ruin Amateur radio so it can be sold off like all the rest of the spectrum.
      Maybe the new blood on Amateur radio can break the death grip of the fools and FCC who has ruined Amateur radio. I welcome them.


      November 27, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    • Burt need a BRA !

      Have another doughnut Burty Boy …


      June 11, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    • Funny,.. he is actually a disgrace more than anything else. It is obvious he was never taught common respect as a child. Look at the remarks he makes on his YouTube vids. Arrogance is truly a mans enemy and his is no exception.


      June 28, 2013 at 5:40 am

  9. To William, RE: your post on March 23, 2012

    I’d consider you to be an intellectual bully.

    You presented a well reasoned argument, albeit unnecessarily l – o – n – g, but you blew it toward the end by stating: “…..he has the right to have his opinion and you do not have the right to come here and lie about him nor trash him.”

    Everyone has the right to object to his opinions and write their objections here. Some of Burt’s opinions are factually correct but many others are subjective, petty insults and exaggerated stereotyping. In other words, he’s “trashing” a lot of people in his videos and people have the right to trash him back.

    If someone is lying about him, that would be different. Considering that Burt Fisher has plenty of opinionated YouTube videos, I’d think it would be very easy to research his statements and argue against them. There’s no need to lie when there’s just so much evidence out there to buttress an objection!


    April 1, 2012 at 5:52 am

    • Anonymous
      First I would be unhappy if my mother named me as she did you.
      Now William made a good point and saying “lies and trashing” is right on the mark. Trashing is saying something of little substance or garbage meaning not true, or not worth saying. So he did use the terms correctly. When I first saw Burt’s videos I was a little taken back by his opinions, but being an honest person unlike those in here who can do nothing more than attack him for what he said and provide not a shred of evidence to the contrary, short of foul mouth retorts, I decided to tune in and listen to Amateur radio and I guess after many years I became immune to the sill inane phrases and things like Hi Hi which makes no sense at all when speaking as opposed to Morse code. I notice that many use the Q codes more often than those who actually use code as a communications form. Burt made some good points and those who are guilty of the behavior come here to trash him and resort to bully tactics to silence him peppered with abusive and foul language the ignorant use when they are incapable of expressing themselves.

      Now Jimmi Barnett trashes William and seems to have an issue with Williams occupation, which leads me to wonder what kind of felony record jimmi Barnett has. Notice that Jimmi Barnett can’t seem to refute what William says, instead like always Jimmi just hurls insults and trash talks, and has a serious issue with words that any 7th grade teenager can understand, which seem to confuse Jimmi. Maybe Jimmi wanted to be a cop, Lord knows why, and he couldn’t due to his past or lack of qualifications. But his entire post centers on Williams Occupation as opposed to the point of this thread.

      Marcus you are a piece of work, and can’t seem to make an actual point short of illustrating your profound ignorance with the rich cesspool of foul language you use. I think I spent enough time with Marcus as he has nothing to contribute.

      I see a common mentality in those who keep coming here often to trash Burt, they have literally nothing to back up what they say and are here because no one on Amateur radio wants to talk to them, so they developed a love affair with Burts thread so they have an audience to complain to.

      Burt, I must admit I was a little taken back by your videos, but I decided to validate or invalidate your points by listening to Amateur radio and sadly I found out you have a point and the silly behaviors you listed are more common than not. There are good points to you illustrating the behaviors, some actually took them to heart and try to not repeat the behaviors as they are pointless. I understand why you took the time to do the videos, because we human beings often develop behaviors that make us look silly, and some when confronted with the facts change and adjust, and others just throw a fit like an errant 2 year old and scream, shout, protest, and demand they have their way. We can’t fix the idiots who deny reality, nor can we fix those who can only express a point with foul language. Yet I have hope that they will die off and the newer blood will try to not make the same silly errors in judgment.
      Sad as it is, I hear all too many on Amateur radio that sound as bad as the common idiot on CB radio and more often than not they are worse because they were able to pass a test by memory as opposed to actually learning something. One point that was made, is Amateur radio was developed as a service, and not to be validated CB radio. All too many on Amateur radio think it is all about them. Tune in to 14.313 and when that frequency gets going you will not be able to tell it from CB radios worst of the worst as it was pointed out by many. So much for reporting to the FCC because 14.313 has been that way for years and the FCC has done nothing to stop the abuse and sheer stupidity there, from hours of music playing, jamming, and childish use of foul language and far worse. It appears the FCC has abandoned Amateur radio as it did the Citizens band.


      April 4, 2012 at 11:33 am

      • To: James, in reply to your post on April 4, 2012
        RE: Two of my posts as Anonymous, dated April 1, 2010

        “…sarcasm [is] the protest of people who are weak.” (John Knowles; “A Separate Peace”) I assure you that my mother gave me a proper name. Reading your past comments on here, I think you’re unduly obsessed with names and/or call signs. My real name is not germane to the discussion. However, in the interest of clarity and to avoid being confused with other Anonymous commentators, you can call me John, or Mr. Doe.

        The American Heritage Dictionary defines “trash talk” as: To speak disparagingly, often insultingly or abusively about a person or group. A good amount of Burt Fisher’s YouTube rant fits this definition and I stand by my statement that people have a right to respond in kind.

        In the “Truth revealed…” video, Burt Fisher talks about hams hiding behind their microphones. Hams have to use call signs on the air, otherwise they’re breaking the rules. All hams learn this while studying for the entry level Technician test. You stated: “your supposition that they always give their call is false and you knew that before your fingers hit the keyboard to promote such a falsehood.” Anyone who transmits on the ham band without identifying with a call sign is NOT a ham. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t require someone to have a valid amateur license to purchase a ham radio transceiver, so anybody can operate illegally and hide behind a mic. What I stated is not a falsehood because I’m referring to legal hams, as opposed to illegal operators. In his video, Burt never mentioned if he heard the call signs of people that threatened him, so they may not have even been hams.

        By the way, James, Burt Fisher has a YouTube video titled: “The AMers-stimulating conversation”. It’s a 13 minute recording of a 75/80 meter net, with bad language, sound effects and no call signs, similar to 14.313. Burt, your hero, praises it by saying: “A roundtable of typical AMers frolicing and laughing, unlike contesters AM’ers are alive!”
        Go watch it. I’d like to hear your opinion in light of your comments about HF ham being like CB. Your hero seems to like it, right?

        John Doe

        April 5, 2012 at 7:03 am

      • TYPO: (RE: Two of my posts as Anonymous, dated April 1, 2010) should be: April 1, 2012

        John Doe

        April 5, 2012 at 7:43 am

      • Dear John Doe

        Below is your comments in quotation for reference.

        Playing games with words should be beneath you, yet it seems you would rather play the game as opposed to address facts. I was not talking about illegal operators and you knew this, nice try. I am talking about those who we can all identify by voice, and other characteristics. You know damn well that licensed amateurs are out there in good numbers jamming other amateurs because of personality disputes and disagreements with the content of the conversation. I think someone use the term “Elitists” which is a good term barring a better one at this point. I have heard them jam then try to disguise their voice rather poorly and make either foul language gestures and or other mouth noises, and comments in poorly disguised voices. You know as well as I or anyone does that once you listen to someone long enough you can identify their voice with great accuracy barring any hearing disability.

        I guess Burt will have to answer your charge of him condoning such behavior, I surely do not and never will.

        Now I might agree with the supposition that 75 and 80 meters has a lot of Elitist minded individuals, and to be honest I never thought of it this way. I prefer to call them idiots.

        But to be honest Burt has many good points and those who get their panties in a bunch over his telling truthful statements may need to take a long hard look at themselves. I have noticed the good old boys club mentality permeates Amateur radio and is what has brought Amateur radio to the point that many have no respect for it. This I find sad and disgusting. It seems perfectly fine to many to act as out of control adolescents at age 60 and older, and the older some get the worse the behavior gets and I have heard the various forms of that tired old justification that “I have been an Amateur for 40 years you can’t tell me anything” mindset all too many times as they willingly and openly break rules and act like fools over the air waves. It is one thing to have a sense of humor and joke around but countless times I have heard the old boys club idiots go far beyond jokes to rude, lascivious, and downright crude behavior with no concern that others may and are listening to their sick and disgusting X-rated sexual conversations and obnoxious behavior. How does one introduce today’s youth to Amateur radio when this kind of behavior happens and often? Please don’t reply with denials as many amateurs do. I am hopeful you will be honest in addressing this, as the others here seem to have lost their honesty and it seems to me that you are a bit more honest than some who have trashed Burt. To be honest I am concerned where Amateur radio is heading despite the others who seem to condone the stupid behaviors.

        Now for the record I have disagreed with Burt on youtube and was blocked by him, but that makes no matter to me, I still say he has some points that are entirely valid, and we can split hairs whether he is being petty or not, but valid is still valid never the less.

        I hope you and everyone has a nice Easter weekend. I will be back next week maybe.

        Sarcasm has it’s place and it not of the weak.

        It is high time Amateurs be honest and clean up Amateur radio, even if the FCC has not the intestinal fortitude to do so.

        “All hams learn this while studying for the entry level Technician test. You stated: “your supposition that they always give their call is false and you knew that before your fingers hit the keyboard to promote such a falsehood.” Anyone who transmits on the ham band without identifying with a call sign is NOT a ham. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t require someone to have a valid amateur license to purchase a ham radio transceiver, so anybody can operate illegally and hide behind a mic.”


        April 6, 2012 at 1:40 pm

      • I have listned to burts videos (I am blind) and agree with his sentiments as they relate to 80 meters but many of his other problems are simply catch phrases people have always used for many many years. This why many people do not like burt, as he have a few good points but many others are just part of human speech phrases that do not mean people should not be on amateur radio. I also happen to agree that if it offends burt he should turn the dial. Too many other frequencies to talk on than to listen to those of us he apparently cannot stand just because someone say “I let you go” when they are the one that needing to go. This is where his videos become petty ranting and not constructive to the hobby.

        Ken Rainn

        April 6, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    • Dear Anonymous
      you are dead wrong in your response to William, he was 100% correct actually. See his comments you attacked. “You presented a well reasoned argument, albeit unnecessarily l – o – n – g, but you blew it toward the end by stating: “…..he has the right to have his opinion and you do not have the right to come here and
      lie about him nor trash him.”
      No you do not have the right to “lie” “trash” him. Lies are not a right they are lies. There is no Constitution protection for lies. Liars are evil as it gets. So you probably should remain anonymous as you wouldn’t want to be tainted with such a corrupt mindset.

      Now you can come here and debate Burt on facts, but I noticed none of his detractors have actually tried that, I wonder why? My bet is the facts won’t support those attacking Burt, okay it’s not a guess it is fact. I would love to see someone factually debate Burt, but watching his videos I see no one attempting such a monumental task.


      November 27, 2012 at 12:58 pm

  10. I chalk it up to the whiny Northeastern Jew aspect. Who wants to talk to an over-acheving northeastern jew anyways? I mean the regimen, and the strong fingered guilt and all that bullshit?

    If you want to listen to real hams check out 80 meters with Tim and the rest.

    It’s bad enough they’ve infiltrated the media, just imagine the amount of mollycollding and direction ham radio has taken since 2~1/2 men has hit the scene. STOP trying to emulate jews. It’s that simple.


    March 29, 2012 at 4:16 am

    • Well you showed the world where you come from. News flash your Fuhrer is dead. So get over your hateful insanity already. Anyone who uses that rhetoric especially in the arena of Discussing Amateur radio bad habits is not worth his own salt. Maybe you need to go back to stormfront where the other imbeciles will appreciate your brand of cave man stupidity. And this comes from a German who who has the unfortunate family history of a grandfather who was an S.S. Officer. I find your type so repugnant mere words can not describe the feelings and thoughts your type of trash invokes. You are living proof that certain parts of humanity often prefer the dark ages.


      April 4, 2012 at 10:26 am

      • Beeeeeep *Godwin’s Law* – you automatically lose the argument James, you sound like a jew to me. You don’t have to be a German to be jew-wise. There are many others who are also jew-wise like Anonymous March 29, 2012 at 4:16 am – great comment, I agree completely. Observing that jews own an run the media is not “hateful insanity”, it’s just an observation … duhh. And stop lying about your German ancestry, “James”, they don’t go purple about oy vey antishemitism like you do. Which reminds me – my last post here, drawing attention to the jew factor, has been deleted. So much for free speech under jew control. You can say anything you want unless it’s a simple truth that exposes them – then it’s banned.

        Joe Soapesci

        August 13, 2012 at 3:05 am

    • The only thing I hear on 75 and 80 meters are hicks who have graduated to CB radio with a ticket so they now feel validated, because they have that piece of paper. I am betting you are one of the hicks.


      April 4, 2012 at 11:35 am

      • It always amuses me when all the self-professed “intellectuals” come here to tells the rest of us how dumb we are and that are opinions don’t count when we live in a world where EVERYONE has a voice. But these idiots would have us believe we’re wrong not only because we disagree with burt the asshole fisher, but also because we express ourselves in a manner they happen to not like. So they try using intellect and more words to run people down the very same as they accuse us of.

        Sorry to have to break it to you idiots who agree with burt, you’re everything you accuse US of being here. SO come on back and tell us some more bullshit because we just LOVE reading your self-righteous BS 🙂

        Jim Barnett

        April 4, 2012 at 4:59 pm

      • Yeah that’s it. Blame on the no-code changes. But I’ve got news for you. 75/80 meters has always, always, ALWAYS been the way it is today. Just a bunch of elitist operators who have ALWAYS talked down to people.

        The no-code requirement may have put more people on that band but it certainly did not turn it in to what it is today because it’s ALWAYS been that way.

        Jim Barnett

        April 4, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    • Wow what an uneducated idiot. Burt I suspect this one hates you because you teach. Typical of Amateurs over 50 it would seem. The Jews caused it to rain on my picnic and the Jews caused my gas after eating beans mentality. Infiltrated? Seriously your lacking in intellect is not a Jewish Zionist conspiracy and truth is not infiltration. I am betting the KKK refused your membership because you were too dumb, and that’s why you are so filled with hatred. I would call you a Nazi, but even they had standards and you would never make their ranks lol. How does it feel to be relegated to intellectual exile?


      November 27, 2012 at 1:04 pm

      • I see lots of references to being German, Jewish, implied KKK memberships and the like. Is this the best people who support Burt Fisher can come up with? Trying to insult people using nationality, or implied social memberships?

        If this is the best method you people know how to use in order to provide verbal support for Burt Fisher then it’s no wonder Burt is the way he is. It’s no wonder he looks down on people, calls them names and acts like he so much better than others. It’s no wonder Burt has such an elitist point of view and thinks of himself as the only ham who “does things correctly”.

        Those of you who have tried using nationality insults towards others have only proved one thing here, that you are every bit as bad as Burt Fisher is. With people like Burt Fisher involved in this hobby I don’t want anything to do with ham radio because it’s clear the hobby is comprised of some of the very worst that humanity has to offer. I wouldn’t join amateur radio if my life depended on it and all Burt Fischer has accomplished through his “videos” is to publicly proclaim what an asshole he is towards anyone who happens to disagree with him.

        What a shameful person Burt is. I have seen some of his video’s on youtube and have witnessed the way he talks down to many people who only queried why he feels the way he does or had an opposing view – and for that they get talked down to and insulted with teenaged tactics. I completely agree with the person that stated they had never seen a grown man in his 60’s act like and say the things Burt Fisher has to people.

        Burt Fischer is a despicable human being and there is no way in hell I would ever be involved in any hobby he was part of.

        Steve Michaels

        June 26, 2013 at 1:06 am

  11. You guys haven’t disputed anything I have said here. You may not like me, but you can’t fault the message.

    Burt Fisher

    January 4, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    • Nor have YOU disputed the existing replies here (we can go on all day with the whole “I said this, you said that” bullshit). Complaining the way you sometimes do doesn’t change the fact that many do not agree with you and simply see you as part of the problem rather than the solution.

      By your prior comment you seem to imply you wish to engage in actual dialog with others as to being right or wrong when it’s clear in this one little thread alone the masses do NOT agree with you on the issues you stand on, at least in relation to amateur radio. That’s why the vast majority of replies have been strongly against you and your “issues” with ham radio. They are viewed by most as pet peeves, at best.

      So you don’t like it when amateurs say “I’ll let you go” when they are the one’s who need to split. WHO CARES, Burt? Are these really the things that bother you in the hobby? Is it really worth being largely known as an asshole by people? If so then I say go for it. If not, try a little less complaining and DO something about whatever it is you claim is so life-altering bad in the hobby.

      Until then you will always being known to the general public as another flaming asshole who just complains about mostly small things in life (granted though, there were a couple major pet peeves most would agree on). That’s just life. Oh and by the way, simply claiming people haven’t “disputed” anything you’ve said here is a lie because there are several replies here that have outright pointed out some things about your “issues” in the hobby, yet you didn’t bother to even address them. Posting two sentences doesn’t address anything. It just shows everyone you can’t dispute it.

      Marcus Harrison

      January 7, 2012 at 1:42 am

      • I remember reading the bible and they demanded the Crucifixion of Jesus because of what he said to them (the truth). No Burt is no comparison and no man is, but the lesson here is men are dishonest by nature and don’t like to hear the truth about what they do or say, and will attack the messenger instead of admitting the truth. We can argue till the cows come home and grown old, but fact is fact, Burt tells us an uncomfortable truth and most refuse to admit this and instead threaten the one who has enough courage to speak the truth. Funny thing is, I even hear Amateurs say the same thing over the air and get attacked for being honest.

        What does this say about Amateur radio? Is the service filled with selfish self serving, self indulgent overweight and highly judgmental and dishonest people? I am afraid there is all too many that fit this description.
        It’s so sad that they place themselves about the very reason and spirit of why Amateur radio was formed.

        Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and admit the truth. Burt may not be the best at delivering the message, but he is 100% on the money.


        January 9, 2012 at 1:30 pm

      • Ohhhhhh boy. Now “James” is trying to use Jesus to sway our feeling towards Burt and his magnificent bullshit.

        Well once again James is at it trying his best to get the masses to “confess” using bible tactics and even comparing ol’ Burt to JESUS CHRIST of all people. Now I’m really laughing because these assholes have the gall to even compare Burt to JC himself. Whatever, James.

        Sorry James, but you will NEVER get the confessions you so desperately are looking for here. And like Burt, if the “hobby” troubles you so much then sell your shit and get the hell out. Until then you too are just one of the whiners who cry foul just because of a some things you don’t like in amateur radio in general. But I would agree with you there are some overweight people in the hobby. But it’s interesting how you talk about Jesus Christ and thereby introducing religion of all things into your rant, but then turn right around and talk shit about people who are overweight as if they’re the scourge of the hobby. You assholes really need to get your shit straight if you’re gonna try and run with the whole “Christ-Like” approach yet turn right around and run people down in the same breath because they weight too much. You’ve got a lot of nerve even mentioning Christ when you too have hate, deceit, or whatever you want to call it for your fellow man.

        You sons of bitches need to get your shit straight and *think* about what you’re saying before coming here to run your little mouths about amateur radio of all things. After all, it’s just a hobby, so if you can’t handle it then get the hell out or shut the hell up. Talking about Jesus Christ isn’t gonna change the fact you are just another goody-two-shoes asshole looking to start shit with people just because we don’t happen to agree with Burt Fisher

        James, you need to pull it together before even attempting to try running a religion scam on us you ignorant bastard. You have totally failed with your prior attempts to “convert” us all to Burt’s side so I guess you thought you’d try to pull some religious guilt trip bullshit. Only thing is you talk out of BOTH sides of your mouth here, which is why you will never get anyone to rally behind the bullshit you’ve been spewing here.

        I sincerely hope you or Burt return with even more baloney bullshit because this has been utterly hilarious reading you guys’ bullshit the past year. So please do return and tell us all more crap so we can have even more fun with it because you assholes are entertaining if nothing else 🙂

        Marcus Harrison

        January 14, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      • I love how Burt pops in here every once in a while and makes his famous “you guys may not like me but you can’t dispute me” post. I’m serious . . . I truly love it when he does this because embedded throughout this entire thread are loads of people who HAVE disputed everything he’s whining about yet he still drops by every so often and makes this statement when the “disputes” are right here in black and white. Burt must have downs syndrome to be so dumb he doesn’t see it all right here. Actually Burt’s all about misdirection. He thinks merely saying shit magically makes it so.

        The only idiot is Burt Fisher. The biggest whiny asshole in amateur radio.


        January 29, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    • Burt, this is all such common sense! I really like your point of view. I haven’t been on the air for a long time, and I am just now getting back into the hobby. I am SO GLAD that I have watched your video before I say anything on the air. I agree whole heatedly on what you are saying. I think the point of all this is — please be genuine. Be polite and then learn something about someone. I sell cars. I do a lot of product talking. But you know, the only talking that is really interesting, the parts I repeat to anyone, is what I’ve learned about someone, not about what they have. I think it would be nice to have interesting radio again! Isn’t that really the main point of your talk? I agree.

      Mark - Marion Ohio

      February 29, 2012 at 2:46 am

    • Burt, you must be loopy because I see numerous disputed retorts by people here against what you have said. I don’t know what planet you come from but I have read a bunch of things right here that people have said in direct relation to your ranting that have not only disputed you, but placed things in proper perspective.

      I can understand a few of the things you rant about in terms of ham radio annoyances but they are merely annoyances and nothing more. As others have already said, I also agree your issues with the hobby in general are just “pet peeves” and nothing more. As irritating they may be to you, it’s just one of those things you will have to tolerate if you want to continue participating in ham radio as a hobby. And just like the other gentleman stated, if you think any issue is that bad then do something about it instead of just bitching all the time.

      You have numerous videos putting people down in the hobby for doing things YOU do not like. Although you may think you are right, you are also wrong here. Talking trash about other people for things that are largely “annoyances” makes you just as bad as those you trash. Stop making useless videos and DO something about what you feel is so wrong in the hobby, the world, or whatever arena you have a problem with. Complaining and making complain-videos really does make YOU look bad because all people will remember after-the-fact is many of the issues you have with ham radio operators, which are only minor things to many. In the end it is your name that will go down as being that kooky old man who just can’t cope with life. So stop making complaining videos and start promoting good operating practices. Mixing the two only makes you look foolish.

      Personally I do not have much issue with many of the things you have talked about either here or in your videos. Some truly need attention for sure, but much of your complaints have just been stupid issues that certainly are not worth getting the reputation you have had for a while now. But it is not too late to turn that around and do good things from this by ceasing some of the things you have been doing. But in the end it is your choice. However, you HAVE been disputed here by several people already. Just claiming you have not been disputed does not suddenly make it so, as we can all read what has been written towards you and it is rather compelling against your claims of all you seem to rebel against in the hobby. I am sorry but we are NOT with you on this.

      Jim Barnett

      March 21, 2012 at 5:19 pm

      • When I first heard Burt my reaction was a bit the same as many Amateurs, then I decided to listen carefully to see if I could dispute what Burt said, or validate his point. To start out one has to decide whether he is going to be honest, or just take a position. Being a retired Detective I had a responsibility to be honest not only to the subject matter, but to myself as well. A Detective never enters an investigation with a bias, if he does this, he destroys his credibility literally from minute one.
        The first order of business is to listen not only to the evidence, but also to carefully listen to the pro and con side of the story. We have a saying, ” there is his side of the story, there is her side of the story, then there is the truth”. I can attest this is the case 100% of the time. Everyone has a bias and either attacks, or defends, in a direct relation to this bias. I will save my critique of Burt till last.

        The first and most obvious thing I saw was the style of defense against Burt’s comments. Instead of providing a clear and concise denial based on evidence, we saw a circling of the wagons and an attack on Burt as opposed to evidence that Burt may be wrong or may have misinterpreted what he heard. The attacks were not of his points, but in fact were personal attacks on the messenger, with almost no counter arguments beyond personal feelings and emotions. This argument style is very much like religion, politics, or Chevrolet vs Ford. The tendency is to quickly attack as opposed to argue point, counter point.
        Marcus starts out in one attack, by attacking someone who agrees with Burt’s views and points by making false assertions and lies such as “Ohhhhhh boy. Now “James” is trying to use Jesus to sway our feeling towards Burt and his magnificent bullshit.” We see Marcus didn’t use an adult response of pointing out James or Burt’s points and where they might be inaccurate, instead Marcus resorts to a vicious and highly emotion foul mouth ghetto style of attack.
        Then we have Jim Barnett who attacks Burt ” Burt, you must be loopy” in another emotion style where he provides the typical “other mystery people disagree, then Jim in the next sentence agrees with Burt unintentionally, by saying “I can understand a few of the things you rant about in terms of ham radio annoyances but they are merely annoyances and nothing more. As others have already said, I also agree your issues with the hobby in general are just “pet peeves” and nothing more.”
        Nice job Jim Barnett with your 180 degree argument, and validating Burt’s entire point.

        What we have here is an emotional response to Burt’s videos with no actual facts contradicting Burt’s assertions. One after another I read personal attacks and outright lies to defend what they themselves do on Amateur radio which was one of Burt’s points of contention. Post after post those who disagree with Burt launch into personal and adominem style attacks, loaded with denials of what are obvious behaviors on Amateur radio.

        Instead of disagreeing and providing at least a personal reason why they disagree, they just resort to name calling and even threats. One simpleton names Marcus Harrison has a common thread in his attacks, he has no point, just attacks and name calling literally in every post. Here he says “Apparently there are a lot of equally possessed assholes who follow this dickwad’s rants such as the moron who calls himself “j”.” Now Marcus you might wish to seek professional help since you think that anyone who agrees with what Burt has pointed out which is actually true, is somehow possessed, yet you keep coming here like you have some obsession with Burt and each time never provide any evidence to the contrary. If Burt upsets you so much you might try spinning the dial as Laura Smith said to a net/group who had contention with another persons religious views on another frequency, they actually read her response letter to their whining about the mans views, when they wrote a letter of complaint to her. Laura’s point is very right on the money, if someone has views you do not agree with, then move on. Last time i checked we still live in Republic and not a Mob rule populist democracy or Theocracy like the Muslim world. Burt and KC0EBM have the same rights you have, to spew what they think is true, without being attacked and threatened, or in the case of KC0EBM have the mob threaten his wife’s employer and mass call and harass the employer to get her fired because they have a disagreement with opinions. The death threats to KC0EBM, and endless letter writing campaigns to the FCC have become ridiculous and immature in the least. Not to mention the mob that jams his conversations with their gang mentality, much the same way people have on Burt’s videos, and this forum.

        What I have witnessed on Amateur radio is beyond comprehension, and to be honest, most parents would be in horror if their children acted the way many Adult Amateurs do here and on the radio.

        Over the months I have said nothing here, and made notes and paid attention to the accusations, points, and assertions and then listened, watched, and paid attention to what really happens as opposed to what was said, then made my post here today based on what I have witnessed.

        Amateur radio is a “service” as the FCC calls it. It is not CB radio yet the 90% act as if it was, it is not a net CONTROL opportunity for those who want to control others.
        Amateur radio has many types of personalities but the majority has become an intolerant platform for those who wish to control others, because they have lost control over their own lives. But ask any Psychiatrist and they will tell you it is most common for people who have either lost control of their lives to want to control others.

        In the last year I have asked many a people in person and on many sites what they knew and thought of Amateur radio, and the responses ranged from they didn’t know anything about it to some glaring opinions from those who knew and were not Amateurs themselves. Many related the activity to what they heard on CB radio, noting fights, arguments, Jamming, and self indulgent activity.
        I was a bit offended at first but then I have to agree.

        Burt is right about Amateur radio for the most part, it is a bastion for the socially inept. But I am grateful for those few that use it for good. In the last snowstorm in Northern Michigan a number of Amateurs and myself included activated the local emergency nets and helped with traffic due to the massive power loss in the days following the storm followed by sub zero temperatures as low as -8 degrees in my area. I like a few headed out on snowmobiles into the darkened areas to rescue people who were slammed and trapped by 15 inches to even 24 inches of wet heavy snow that downed power lines, crippled areas with even no telephone or Internet due to the inability to get generators in place fast enough to keep the telephone services (both cell and land lines) running. Myself I Ran a snowmobile in an area where many retired and elderly lived who were literally trapped with no heat, telephones or internet to call for help. They couldn’t leave the driveways due to the heavy 24 inch snowfall an drifts exceeding 3 to 4 feet and downed power lines. We helped some get generators, kerosene heaters, and even took family member’s who came to help but couldn’t get to their elderly parents or grand parents to safety or to get a form of heat to them. To me this is what Amateur radio is about, a service, not a bitch and whine platform.

        Yes Burt is on the money here, Amateur radio’s reputation needs a serious polish job, as the self indulgent little dick-tators have taken over the service. Amateur radio is not about “YOU”. It is about helping others and being Americans (in this country) who give a damn about their fellow American and that which once made this country great. It is all about tolerance for the views of others despite our disagreements or comfort zones.

        Do I like the weather nets as I call them where they sit for hours telling the others what the temperature is? Well no, but I will not jam them nor will I interfere with them and demand they acquiesce to my demands that they do what I want.

        Do I agree with KC0EBM and his religious views? Does it really matter if I agree? NO! Because he is entitled to his FIRST amendment rights to have his views and speak them whether I or anyone else agree or disagrees. Does anyone have a right to demand that he let’s them in on his conversations? NO and the FCC states this in terms.

        Do I agree with Burt? Does it matter? NO!

        The biggest problem with Amateur radio is it has become CB radio with self indulgent little men who think their views have more importance than the RIGHTS of others. This creeping Nazi like mentality is disturbing in the least and the immaturity of so called adults is distressing. I support the FCC including a maturity test in the exams to weed out people like Marcus and the others who think their opinions have more importance than the rights of others. These thugs who have a mentality not unlike punk teenagers who have no parental supervision and spew hateful comments, threats, and can only express themselves with vulgar language and frankly try to jam others on the radio and even here on this site with their abusive rhetoric gets boring, and is demonstrative of their mentality and lack thereof.

        Sorry Burt I do agree with much of what you say but do think your fat comments are over the top, and the person who made the comments about our foods being unhealthy is right on the money. Yes there are Amateurs who wouldn’t lift a finger during the storm aftermath and even had the gall to demand we clear the local repeater which is owned by the ARES Races group so they could have their CB chats. Bit this seems to be indicative of Amateur radio these days, it, in their minds is all about them, as we see here in this forum. Forgive any typos I may have made, I am running on only 3 hours sleep. Have a wonderful day and get over yourselves about Burt, he has the right to have his opinion and you do not have the right to come here and lie about him nor trash him. Why he tolerates the stupidity is beyond me, but maybe his allowing the low life to do so proves his point better than he could himself…


        March 23, 2012 at 10:20 am

      • This is in response to “William”, the self-proclaimed former detective who left us an entire dissertation of his thoughts but left no ability for anyone to reply directly to his comments. As such I will leave them here , like it or not 🙂

        Seems Burt is the only one who can have and express his opinion here. Anytime someone else expresses their opinion (especially if they disagree with Burt), someone invariably jumps on here and tells us we can’t have our own opinion (such as the cop who posted his long dissertation agreeing with Burt -or should I say, alleged cop since anyone can say they are or were a cop).

        And I guess we’re all supposed to be impressed how this guy used to be a cop? Throwing a bunch of long words and graphic explanations doesn’t impress people though. You wanna know what DOES impress people? Being open and honest about people. That’s why I like most of the replies here. But I don’t like anyone who tells me my opinion isn’t valid just because it doesn’t agree with the original poster of this crap, nor do I like it if someone who claims to be a former cop claims someone’s opinion isn’t valid just because they used a few swear words or didn’t work as a CSI agent at some point.

        Clearly “some” people need to just get over themselves if they think they are more qualified than anyone else to come here and post their opinion of someone just because they used to do a certain job some time ago. I mean, how arrogant can you be? But the world is full of idiots who think they’re better than you just because they were a cop a long time ago, or even Burt who thinks people in ham radio are “doing it wrong”. You don’t like it? Too bad, you have to either live with it or stop operating and sell your junk. Posting BS videos or claiming you were a cop and trying your best to sound smarter than those you happen to disagree with isn’t the way to make your point because people are only going to laugh at your BS comments when you thought they would be in awe of your vast ability to bullshit us by telling us all how the “pro’s” did it when you were a detective or whatever the hell you claim you used to be – like it even mattered to begin with.

        One day some of these people will wake up and realize nobody cares what you used to do in your job, because it has nothing to do with laying down the facts about people, at least not here in these forums. Oh it might matter in court but certainly not HERE. So go try to impress some little kids because were not impressed by your cop-talk here. And to think I was able to get all that out WITHOUT making it as long as the US Constitution like the former cop did.

        And regarding the former cop, not everyone respects you so you might want to think about getting over yourself someday. Until then the kids are the only living things you might still impress.

        Jim Barnett

        March 31, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    • I can dispute a few things, easily.

      “I’ll let you go” is a colloquialism that isn’t endemic to the amateur radio hobby. I’ve heard it used on the telephone and in personal conversations. Your complaint is invalid because it’s common speech used everywhere, not just on the radio.

      Traffic nets are meant to maintain a pool of trained operators though regular practice, in case of an emergency. The messages passed need not be “useful” if it’s just for practice. When regular communications goes down, important messages can be delivered through the net.

      “They [hams] hide behind their mic” is absolutely false! Every operator has to comply with the FCC part 97 requirement to identify themselves with a call sign, every 10 minutes or at the end of their transmission. A call sign can be easily looked up to reveal the name and address of the operator, so nobody can “hide” behind anything. If someone threatens you on the air, you can report them to the police and give the location of the offender. The police report also comes in handy when filing a complaint with the FCC.

      “For I.D.” and “Hi Hi” is just harmless radio lingo. So what? What’s the big deal? Much ado about nothing!

      “CQ vs CQ DX” Your complaint makes no sense to me at all. There’s nothing wrong with specifying that you want to contact hams in foreign countries.

      There’s an inconvenient truth that you left out of your videos. None of the operating practices you complain about are in violation of FCC rules. Not one.

      I could go on and on but I don’t have to. There are many other excellent replies on here disputing your “message”, if you cared to read them.


      April 1, 2012 at 5:06 am

      • Please note: My post on April 1, 2012, starting with “I can dispute a few things, easily.” is in reply to Burt Fisher’s post on January 4, 2012.


        April 1, 2012 at 5:39 pm

      • Interesting and woefully inaccurate reply on those who threaten people on Amateur radio. I have as a listener heard many times people run their mouths and threaten people and never give a call sign. Then later that same evening you hear the same voice in a conversation yucking it up about what they did to the other person with threats and jamming. So your supposition that they always give their call is false and you knew that before your fingers hit the keyboard to promote such a falsehood.

        What I see here is the age old malady that people who protest the most about a criticism not directed at them personally are most often the most guilty of the actions criticized.

        The most common reason I hear from shortwave listeners for not getting their ticket if they view most Amateurs as a group of selfish, egotistical, blow hards who run their mouths about others and engage in anti social behavior as a rule. Often I used to think they were taking things much too seriously, until I started to tune into amateur radio and listen, and now I tend to agree, with one addition, they also tend to have conversations where they are uninterested in what others say, and are much more in love with themselves, as evidenced by their constant bragging, self back patting, and listing their self worth reasons repeatedly day after day after day.

        It is no wonder the youth of today find Amateur radio “a bunch of dumb old guys talking to themselves”.


        April 4, 2012 at 10:42 am

    • 100% correct and they never will, it is all about hurt feelings, and that damnable CB’er mentality.


      November 27, 2012 at 1:05 pm

      • Wow, FOUR replies all in the same day. You really do support Burt!

        Lots of people have “disputed” many things Burt has said here, despite what Burt and his other supporters claim. Only thing is they decided to ignore those responses in favor of just going with whatever Burt says. Hell anybody can make the claim that nobody has disputed you but that doesn’t somehow make it so, as I see several good illustrations here to many of Burt’s issues with ham radio as nothing more than pet peeve’s as someone put it.

        I happen to agree with Burt as far as contesters go and the so-called “radio-gram” stuff. Those were actually funny but that’s about where I draw the line because most of everything else Burt said was just some of the lingo people have picked up over the years. Is it perfect? No, it isn’t, but if anyone thinks the speech factor in ham radio is gonna be perfect then you guys have another thing coming because it isn’t gonna happen. However, I can also add to this that when Burt does reply he does so in a nice way. I haven’t seen him being nasty to others, even those who said bad things about him. For that I have to commend Burt because even I don’t think I could be so sterile in my responses to those people.

        Sadly the REAL issues of ham radio do go unaddressed, such as all the infighting in the HF band. Just listening to the lower bands is enough to make you turn your radio off but the FCC never does a damn thing about those guys. They let the supposed elite of ham radio cuss at people and use terrible language, but do they do anything about it? Nope, not a thing.

        Most ham radio users don’t have a problem with most of the things Burt doesn’t like about the hobby. That’s why there are so many replies here by people berating him. Burt is berating others for merely using phrases of speech, which is utterly ridiculous. However, he is free to say what he wants in this country, and WE are also free to rebut his comments, which HAS been done by several others here. Again, the only thing here is that Burt and his supports don’t like it so they continue claiming nobody has done so when they actually have 🙂

        I have no ill feelings towards Burt Fisher. However, I do think much of what he said are simply things that will never change. If telling everyone who watches his video’s what he thinks about it helps him sleep better at night then it’s fine with me, but people ARE going to reply back and a lot of it isn’t gonna be kind nor will it be very nice. I have tried to be factual here and not talk ill of people in any way, yet I’m sure I’ll get replies from Burt supporters berating me as well, and simply because I don’t agree with Burt on all points.

        What a damn shame people are this way . . . .

        Sam Branker

        November 27, 2012 at 4:45 pm

      • Well Sam, this is how I look at it. I go from years of listening to the stupidity and I agree on the 80 meters and nothing being done about it.
        As far as anyone disputing him, I have yet to see such, they may disagree as many have and I have experienced the same thing they claim never happens. They make claims that this or that doesn’t happen but my ears tell me differently. I have conversations, not QSO’s and the “Q” codes were made/created to save time in code as we all should know, and not for someone to verbalize. doing so makes people look dumb or far worse Elitist as many non Amateurs claim. My career was in radio long before I finally got my ticket, so I know from professional experience as an Engineer what sounds professional and what sounds like a hick billy 10-4 good buddy idiot. Did I mention I also was a shortwave addict since a child? No I am not bothered as people might assume Burt is about the lingo, but I tend to speak English not slango. Frankly I fail to see that Burt is bothered, about it, I just see a Teacher doing what they do, and that for those who might not know, is Teach. Sam I think we are pretty close on this, and I must admit I do find it annoying when people act like fools on Amateur radio and no I am not talking about light hearted joking around. Sad as it is the same hypocrites who condemn Burt, take their Yaesus and AMPS on 11 meters and act like bigger fools while on he other hand attack people about rules on the Amateur band. Yes I have witnessed this daily and it goes on for years on end and other Amateurs join them all thinking the rest of us are too stupid to know who they are and what radio they use. Amateur radio is quite full of hypocrisy and it is never ending.

        Oh and Sam I am not a supporter of anyone, because I don’t worship or follow men.

        To be honest, it is obvious to many those who criticize Burt are the ones who are out there doing the very things Burt has illustrated.
        Too bad we can’t fix Amateur radio here, and I seriously doubt that short of throwing a fit to our Congressmen the FCC will do nothing to end the insanity on 14.313, 3.910 and other places just to name a couple. It would take a few prosecutions to end the many who willingly violate the rules with an attitude no one will stop them. Oh and we agree on the vulgar, foul language and sexual descriptions I have heard on Amateur radio. If those things were said in front of my children or wife I guarantee the speaker would visit the local dental surgeon for work, and I speak from experience, too bad this nation no longer has men, just potty mouth boys pretending to be men. Too bad the FCC is guilty of malfeasance and misfeasance and dereliction of duty in the job protecting and managing the airwaves. The FCC forgets it serves the people, not just the Corporations who buy frequencies. I for one support a gutting of the FCC and mass firings till they get it right.


        November 27, 2012 at 7:07 pm

      • Sorry Jim but I HAVE seen other disputing Burt here. If you don’t see that then perhaps it’s merely your definition of what it is to dispute something that is in question here.

        Half of Burt’s complaints in his video’s are that amateur operators use certain terms and phrases which he doesn’t like, but that’s where the division is here, as this is simply a pet-peeve of his rather than an actual problem. This has already been stated here by at least two or THREE other people now. Yet others continue to comment that nobody has addressed or otherwise “disputed” what Burt has said when that’s just not so because they HAVE – several times.

        These phrases and terms that bother Burt so much don’t really bother me at all. In fact, they don’t really bother the majority of amateur operators. Although I realize it may in fact bother some hams, they do not represent the majority, and even if they did this issue isn’t going to go away just because Burt doesn’t like it – or anyone else for that matter.

        Therefore, I must agree with those who have already disputed what Burt has complained about here, which is this is nothing more than a pet-peeve of his (and others), and is about as bothersome as something stuck to the bottom of my show. They certainly aren’t worth making a videos over, but that’s me. These things seem to bother Burt to the point he is willing to tell everyone about how terrible hams are, yet I notice he always makes sure to omit his own short-comings. Burt only points out the mistakes, he never points out his own though because in the world according to Burt Fisher he makes none and is the perfect ham radio operator, and THIS is what people don’t like about him.

        Check out his Youtube video on this. It’s full of people who innocently commented, not even saying anything bad about him, yet Burt tears into these people like they are the scourge of the planet. If a person doesn’t give their full name, address & age Burt chastises them and calls them a coward when they are merely being careful. If Burt does not mind being known to all that’s fine, but not everyone is comfortable with that notion. Burt could care less that people have been KILLED because of all the nut jobs out there who showed up at someone’s door because they were STUPID enough to give such info out. Burt argues with people over trivial things and berates others because they made grammatical errors. One recent incident was a man from the Ukraine who did not speak good English. Burt tore him a new ass because he did not possess perfect English, then called him “lazy” even after he found out the man was from the Ukraine, then went on to blame HIM for first informing Burt of what country he was in, as if anyone should have to do this?. Another recent incident was a boy or girl who very nicely wrote they were surprised to witness Burt saying the things he has to others because this person said Burt was their former teacher a few years back and he was not this way back then. The boy or girl (not sure which) was very saddened to see his cynicism towards those who weren’t even being rude to him in their responses, yet Burt was an ahole in return to them. Burt quickly told the former student to, and I quote, “Grow a pair”. He didn’t even know if the person in question was male or female yet his response to this person was “Grow a pair”? This is a person to be respected? This is someone you believe we should revere as an elmer? You’re kidding, right????

        This is the problem with Burt, and it’s why less and less people are getting behind this man because he is rude and insulting to people, which is fine if they have somehow insulted him first. But Burt is always such an asshole to EVERYONE that people don’t even care what the content of his video’s are because at that point they have already established he’s just a bastard who doesn’t give a shit about anybody and he’s the only ham that operates correctly. The one thing that really showed everybody what kind of a coward Burt is was when he recently got upset that many others who were posting on his Youtube video were challenging him on these issues and his own postings got voted down so much they disappeared. You know how it is on Youtube, if you get too many negative votes your comment goes away. Well, that happened to Burt. And what does he do? Oh, he pulls some shit and did something on his account to delete all the thumbs-down votes HIS POSTS received, which brought all of them back. Then he blocked all those who challenged him and made it so you can’t give HIM any negative votes anymore. Then he uses the excuse there was one person with a bunch of accounts “shilling” his posts (as if). However, if Burt even had an understanding of just how Youtube actually works he would recognize that someone would have to have like15 or 20 accounts to influence his video in the way he claimed they did, and for someone to have that many accounts they would have to either have a complete HOUSE-FULL of computers or servers each with their own account, or one computer and have to sign in and out of each and every account for every response and voting event. It would quite literally take all NIGHT to continuously login and logout of THAT many accounts, and for what….. just so they could hopefully vote a few of his comments down? Is this guy serious? Youtube puts a very small limit on how many negative or spam votes a person can even cast in a 24 hour period, so it’s not as if even two or three people could do this. It just isn’t possible nor is it even reasonable but in the world according to Burt that’s what happened.

        Burt made up a bunch of bullshit about being “shilled” when actually he just wanted to block anyone who even might cast a negative vote against his postings. That is the kind of person Burt is today, someone who would rather cheat the system in order to hide the reality of what people have to say, both about the content of his video’s and who he is. Burt will only allow what BURT wants you to hear or see. Anything beyond that purview is not permitted and he will simply block you or change the conditions of whatever the environment is so HE is reflected in a positive manner, while totally silencing anyone who would dare challenge him. If you’re going to do such cowardly things then WHY ask the questions he does of people? If one can merely block someone out or change the voting system to his benefit then why bother to query people at all if you’re going to be dishonest about it?

        The answer is because Burt is always right and everyone else is always wrong, plain and simple, end of story – and THIS is why people don’t like him because he is a cheat and a liar by not allowing people to properly challenge him in those forums, and by making up excuses to eliminate anyone who might possibly bring a valid challenge against anything he’s said. All his claims about being shilled are just a bunch of bullshit because it’s logistically impossible to do what Burt claims was done. No, Burt just didn’t like the fact his own posts got slammed into the ground so he whined about it and those posts got slammed into the ground as well, so he did whatever it was he did and reset his Youtube video so all his own posts came right back into the open, while blocking everyone else’s.

        That’s a coward for you, which is why people can’t and won’t respect someone like this. If Burt just “talked” to people then things would be different, but he hammers on people even when they haven’t even done anything wrong. Then he’s surprised when he pisses them off and they respond negatively. That’s when he swoops in and claims THEY are the ones being mean and blocks them out.

        Nobody respects that – EVER.

        Sam Branker

        December 5, 2012 at 9:52 pm

      • My my my. I found and read through numerous responses from people on the you tube video Sam talked about here and let me tell you I am shocked at the things Burt says to people. Some were being disrespectful to him and they deserved his harsh replies but those who were not disrespectful to Burt in any way were still met with some very insulting, disrespectful replies by him. Yes, I read Burt’s comments to these individuals on you tube and I am appalled at this man who would dare call out others when his own operating habits are so bad. Burt does indeed have alot of nerve calling the kettle black as it were when he has the hang-ups he does through his own behavior towards those who spoke up by offering some genuine, valid disputes.

        Funny thing about Burt is how he claims no one disputes what he say’s when in fact they HAVE disputed it. Only thing is he has conveniently DELETED those who have disputed his comments, or he will just say they have not done so. Burt has the audacity to say people have not disputed him when he is the one deleting their posts on his you tube videos?

        I did not think this could really be happening until I saw it for myself. I thought surely Sam and some of the other people here must be stretching things a bit but they certainly are NOT exaggerating in any way because I have seen it for myself! That is why so many people on a few of Burt’s you tube videos are so up in arms because Burt plays with their comments by responding and acting as if he does not understand what the person meant when he knows very well what they mean. Then Burt has the audacity to delete peoples’ posts who have in fact disputed his comments. I also saw Burt’s phony baloney charges of someone trying to shill his posts when it is just another sorry excuse to justify deleting what was some very good information disputing most everything Burt has said in these video’s. He just didn’t want anybody to see it so he cooked up this story about people with other you tube accounts who were out to get him so he could nail everything he did not like.

        I had the opportunity to speak directly with several people on one video in particular whom Burt decided it best to completely block them from further posting because Burt accused them of being vile and nasty. But if you look at Burt’s language in some of his posts to them you will see some very bad language from HIM! Somehow Burt has deemed it acceptable for him to curse at people all the while accusing them of bad language. Had I not spoken to these people (email messaging), I would not have believed it for myself. These people produced credible arguments against Burt but for some odd reason he chose to cut them short and silence them forever, at least on HIS you tube video. It is fairly clear Burt is not interested in hearing anything people might dispute in any way. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Burt does everything he can to silence those who would otherwise challenge his thoughts on ham radio in general.

        Sam’s indication of Burt being an “asshole” towards people is also well founded. Of those I spoke with, plus the posts Burt did manage to leave in the thread, I was able to discount Burt’s claim of blocking them for saying bad things to him. Actually it was Burt in many cases who struck the first blow by saying inappropriate comments to these people. This did not apply to everyone mind you, but for many it was Burt who was the initial aggressor and not the people challenging his comments. I also saw the posts about an alleged former school student of his who was dismayed because of the way she saw Burt talking to people. I do not know for certain if she was in fact an actual former student or not but her after reading through the posts her story seemed credible. Burt insists “this person does not really know me” when there was no way for him to be certain of this. However, even if there was a small chance of it being true he still replied with a very inappropriate response. This was just one more indication of Burt’s total disregard for other people. In this particular incident the girl never even said anything nasty about Burt but he was an ass to her nonetheless. Way to go Burt. You really know how to treat a young lady.

        I do not know what is wrong with Burt but it has been well established that he has indeed LIED to people as well as been a total ass towards many who did nothing to deserve it. Why Burt would do such things is beyond me but it is all there in black and white for anyone who takes the time to really investigate what was said and by whom and when it was said, and who first created the hostile environment that led to the break down of any useful dialog with this man. It was BURT FISHER who crafted the adversarial relationships in most cases, and it was he who played “dumb” most of the time because he was afraid to simply answer any of the questions people proposed to him, and it was BURT who deleted as many posts as he could in order to curtail certain information he did not want to be displayed because he knew it would diminish his position on such issues of amateur radio.

        Burt, you are a LIAR and you have employed some very questionable methods of manipulating people and information that would demonstrate you to be what you really are, which is a disgruntled old man who refuses to hear any explanation except your own. That is why you deleted peoples’ comments on you tube and why you blocked certain people from posting again. It is obvious there are some people who are idiots but the ones I spoke to all had some very valid disputes of your claims but you refuse to allow anything with merit to be heard on your you tube video channel, very convenient for you.

        Again, had I not seen it for myself and spoke to several credible people, I wouldn’t believe such a story but it is very true. A lot of things trouble me about someone like Burt because they have every appearance of credibility themselves but their true nature begins to come through at times. Only problem is a person like this manages to draw other good people to his side, causing them to lose their own credibility as well when they defend such a person as he. Burt is a disgruntled asshole and a liar who uses dishonest methods to silence people who are only guilty of trying to tell the truth. Burt Fisher is a despicable person, and I would agree it is not his video’s which are in question here, but rather, his treatment of the people who attempt to talk to him.

        Michael Hammond

        December 6, 2012 at 5:57 am

    • To the contrary, I have read loads of replies from people who have posed some excellent disputes to nearly everything you’ve stated in your videos. Just because you claim they have not disputed anything you’ve stated does not mean that is true because I know from what I have read you are incorrect in that statement.

      There is much validity to what the opposing side has to say about your comments. Perhaps you should take the time to actually read the comments and you would see you are on the losing end of the debate.

      I realise you prefer to berate people rather than just TALK to them. You tend to try and insult people versus have a civilised conversation with them, and I noticed on youtube if the amount of opposition grows too much you delete the offending posts and retain only those which serve your purpose. You then will make the claim you were being shilled or otherwise spammed in some way. Very convenient for you to be judge, jury and executioner, isn’t it? However, you cannot do that here because if you could you would have certainly deleted a great many posts by now because we have managed to point out your faults, weaknesses and shortcomings. I have no doubt you initially searched for a way to alter certain posts here but found you could not, which is most fortunate for the truth to come out about you.

      Lucky for us you are powerless to perform such “cheats” in this particular forum. That is, however, how you always manage to steer the results in your favor on youtube but not here though 😉

      Cenk Jamsen

      June 26, 2013 at 1:22 am

      • Very good point, Cenk! It’s clear this is the reason Burt doesn’t respond to peoples’ comments here, as he can’t just delete them the way he does on Youtube forums. I have seen his videos and can relate to little of what he says but the rest is just Burt being an ass to people. Burt does act like a total ass towards people and will delete their posts if he doesn’t like them – and when Burt begins to lose the debate on his Youtube videos he just resets the board, which just so happens to also reset all the thumbs up votes the opposing view has received.

        Burt doesn’t want there to be an opposing viewpoint. He wants people to see only HIS opinion and God forbid people don’t see things HIS way, he’ll simply delete your opinion and reset everything until he acquires a more “agreeable” collection of comments. This guy continually changes the conditions of the debate until it looks like he’s right and everyone else is wrong. Anything that is in contrast to Burt’s beliefs is met with insults and infantile banter from him. Burt claims he is such an honored individual within the amateur radio ranks and takes every opportunity to bash people over the head with his imagined importance in the hobby. If he were truly as important as he claims then he wouldn’t feel the need to constantly pat himself on the back. This is how arrogant people act. People who talk about themselves like they’re so important are only bragging about themselves because they aren’t nearly as important or honored as they think they are. Burt Fisher is an elitist, self centered individual who has a need to constantly tell people how revered he is – or at least how revered he THINKS he is. Anybody who treats people the way Burt does and talks down to them merely because they have an opposing viewpoint is the kind of person that cannot handle the concept of someone having a differing opinion on the issues at hand. On Youtube Burt is basically a 70 year old child who is locked within a perpetual temper tantrum, thowing a fit anytime someone offers an opinion different to his own. I find it absolutely hilarious that he’s powerless to delete our comments about him in this forum. More interestingly, isn’t is amazing how this forum has remained 100% intact with all it’s counter opinions of Burt Fisher while all of his Youtube video posts only reflect HIS opinions and any posts that counter his views are quickly put down – or are they? Actually Burt deletes those posts and blocks anyone who stands up to him. Amazing though all our comments here seemed to be completely unaffected by this. That’s because Burt can’t delete posts in this forum and can’t block people everytime someone say’s something he doesn’t like or agree with. Hence, this is why Burt doesn’t spend time responding to our comments here, because he can’t shill the shit out of the results the way he does with Youtube posters. Therefore he show his face here the way he does on Youtube. I know he sees our comments here but in all the years this article has been here he’s posted a reply all of ONE time, so what does that tell you? Yep, Burt wishes this story never showed up here!

        Burt Fisher is an overbearing, elitist, loudmouth, full of shit troll who picks on people if they don’t share his opinions. It isn’t that Burt can’t have his own opinion, but rather, it’s he that doesn’t let others have theirs. People like that are the reason amateur radio is where it’s at today. Aside from it’s inherent problems, people like Burt detract from the attractiveness of the hobby and his elitist opinion of himself is exactly what pushes people away. Burt is quick to point out the faults of others but has never so much as come close to admitting his own shortcomings. Burt thinks he’s an honored person in the hobby when in fact he’s just part of the problem. If amateur radio was described in terms of the human body, Burt would be defined as the rectum and asshole part of it.

        This is all Burt Fisher is known for and I think it’s funny as hell that he can’t do a damn thing about all our opinions here. So tell us Burt, how does it feel knowing we’ve posted this about you but you can’t just make it go away like you do on Youtube? This is what happens when you think you can control what’s said about you. In the end you discover you’re just as powerless as all those you’ve tried to silence in your video’s.

        It couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate asshole.

        Jonathan Wolf

        July 8, 2013 at 8:27 pm

  12. I had the real displeasure of reading some of his posts last week he just a stinking turd that needs flushing.


    December 25, 2011 at 5:19 am

    • You are sure right about that, my friend! I’m all for that because many of us have been tired of reading of Burt’s bitching about every little thing he doesn’t like about the practices of ham radio operators. Apparently there are a lot of equally possessed assholes who follow this dickwad’s rants such as the moron who calls himself “j”. This douchebag runs his mouth calling other people posting here “liars” and implies they are food-a-holics of sorts with all his idiotic references to food. He refers to anyone who doesn’t like Burt-the-asshole as “teenagers”, thinking he is somehow superior to others merely because you may not agree with Burt. Then “j” further runs his little mouth here by accusing another poster of not making a comment in his bullshit video’s about how there are hardly any “black people” riding bikes where he lives. Moronic “j” defends Burt by stating he never said this and the poster is a liar for saying he did. However, I actually saw the video he referred to whereby Burt DID in fact make the comment in a video about there not being a lot of black people riding bikes where he lives. It’s not so much that Burt said what he did about black people, but rather WHY anyone would even bring up such nonsensical bullshit in the first place. But it’s clear Burt just likes to complain. And ol’ “j” is right there with him holding hist little hand in the process, making sure Burt has a bitch companion to support his BS.

      Then “j” challenges yet another poster asking why they didn’t post their callsign here? Of course, “j” doesn’t bother to post his callsign either in all the piss & moan posts he makes, but he makes sure he points out how other posters didn’t actually list their callsign. Another dickhead called “James” makes the same comment yet doesn’t provide his callsign as well. What are these airheads thinking? But why would any body almost demand someone’s callsign but fail to provide one themselves? I think we all know why though. Assholes like “j” are just like Burt, in that they just LOVE to bitch about things. And if there’s nothing to actually bitch about then dumbasses like “j” will make up shit to complain about – Hence, the callsign complaint. Oh but later on “j” admits he’s not even a ham operator, yet he still feels somehow qualified to talk about the very hobby Burt complains about. Hell, “j” even supports Burt on a subject he has absolutely ZERO credentials in. So just how does that work? How does some asshole like “j” show up here and start flapping his lips about a hobby he isn’t even licensed to participate in. I myself am licensed but I’ll be damned to hell if I’ll EVER post my callsign because of dickweed idiots like “j”.

      Then there’s “Neil”. This asshole floats in here and immediately starts calling amateur radio operators “fat”. But not all ham operators. Only AMERICAN hams. This illiterate orafice actually feels as though AMERICAN ham radio operators are the only group of people worthy of calling fat. Although it was pointed out to this dildo there are a LOT of fat asses in his country as well, he returned to imply this was not the case and that it’s only the Americans who are fat, lazy, slobs, uneducated, blah, blah, blah. Wow, really? What a cunt Neil is 🙂

      It appears Burt has brought out the very best of his supporters here. Burt himself is an accomplished asshole. But then “j” and “Neil” make their debut as equally big assholes. And naturally they don’t like ANYONE who disagrees with ol’ Burt. Even though these crab-ass dickheads have absolutely zero information as to WHO they are talking about they still feel confident enough to run their mouths making wild accusations about those of us who don’t care for Burt as being fat, lazy, unqualified, and every other unwarranted bullshit reason they could throw out there in their pathetic attempt to discredit us. Only thing is these assholes only discredited themselves here. They proved without a doubt they are as big of an asshole as Burt could ever be. And all their pathetic accusations to innocent posters only tells everybody what sore losers they are.

      So Burt, “j”, and “Neil”, congratulations assholes! You have succeeded in establishing yourselves as low-life dickwad douchebags who would rather complain about the hobby you claim you love than just have fun with it and do your own thing. All your bitching here has only demonstrated to EVERYONE what true assholes you guys are (of course, we all knew that already). But the end of the year is here and you ragged out bitches get to start a whole new year complaining, so you three clowns should be happy as can be.

      Well, Happy New Year guys. I wish you another prosperous year of complaining and misery, and I’m sure you know what part of my anatomy “Burt”, “j”, “Neil” and “James” can suck 🙂

      Marcus Harrison

      December 27, 2011 at 9:40 pm

      • Marcus, you have the absolutely funniest replies to these people whining about ham radio! Your responses to various people who seem to support Burt are the funniest ever and we have enjoyed reading them. It is too bad Burt’s supporters have died down since last year because this has yielded some truly funny stuff from you! I only wish these people would have continued to reply so we could see you tear these fools up with even more hilarious material.

        I know where Burt is coming from but it is his delivery of what he is saying that leave alot to be desired here. Whining about certain peoples’ terminology when they are signing off is truly a low blow and I would agree with you this is merely a personal “peeve” rather than an actual problem. And I also agree with you that if it irritates the radio operator that much then go elsewhere for your radio entertainment or just turn the radio OFF.

        But Burt does make a few good points and I see you even pointed that out yourself on more than one occasion. However, all some of these fools want to concentrate on are the things they happen to not agree with you about, so they address your comments about Burt as if YOU are the problem when it is actually Burt who has the problem here.

        I can only say that I agree with Burt on a few small points but overall he is complaining about minuscule issues that seem to bother other radio operators more than others. Some can more easily tolerate things than other people can. Looks like Burt can no longer tolerate much at all, which happens to many people when they get older. However, that doesn’t mean it is everyone else’s fault, only that people such as Burt need to learn to deal with his ham radio issues he obviously has because everyone else is not going to change for HIM or anyone else who cannot handle some of the little issues they may have with the operating habits of others.

        Lastly, I also agree with you that making pointless videos likely only wastes his own time but will not change peoples operating habits just because he does not like it. But go ahead if it makes him feel better. But isn’t it mighty interesting how Burt implies he is the perfect operator? Anyone who makes this big a stink over other peoples’ radio etiquette should also consider themselves in the grand scheme of things, as it may not be everyone else but rather HIM that is the problem. But I’m certain this never even occurs to someone like Burt. He’s far too busy blaming everyone else for all that is wrong with the amateur radio hobby. And although I can agree with him on a couple small points, he completely lost most of us when it comes to the deeper issues he has with nearly everyone on the radio today.

        Cheers to all 🙂

        Jim Everett

        February 29, 2012 at 7:25 am

      • You sure hit the nail on the head with these guys. I’m sorry to admit this but Neil and J have no business claiming the things they do because it’s likely they too have things we could talk about. As for ham radio people talking about Americans being fat, nobody has any room to talk when it comes to this subject because ALL countries have an obesity problem, not just America. But people love to talk about America anymore and will even use the same problems they have as a means to throw hateful remarks out there just to cut people down, or even an entire country.

        How shameful it is today when these so called ham radio perfectionists think they can talk about others without receiving what they give in return. But many people think they can cut everyone else down and people won’t retort with their own remarks. That’s why the best policy is to not say things about others to begin with. if you don’t start this up then nobody will have a reason to return your coarse comments.

        it is plain to see that Marcus Harrison has retorted because of the nasty comments by Neil and J, not to mention Burt Fisher. People seem to like posting their opinions but do so without regard for others and that is why this thread turned so nasty in the end, because people decided to cut down only certain groups of people. That’s why Marcus Harrison jumped in here and leveled the playing field by returning many of the not-so-nice things Burt, Neil & J have said first. Then of course they did not like it and returned with even more nasty things to say, which caused Marcus to come back returning the favor. This is why it is best to just not saying these things about people to start with. Had Burt, Neil & J not cut others down then everyone else would not have have said what they did. But to be specific it was Burt, Neil & J who threw the first punch. Everyone else only returned their nasty favors. But that’s what happens when people think its okay to talk trash about others.

        Good for you, Marcus. Indeed you are funny with your replies 🙂

        Richard Simms

        February 29, 2012 at 5:47 pm

  13. I say we form a group to kick Burt’s skinny ass.


    December 25, 2011 at 4:14 am

    • Why a group ? Burt Fisher kicks his own ass every time he opens his mouth especially on Youtube . Skinny ? Old Fatburt looks far from svelte . A bit flabby perhaps yes , skinny ? NO !
      K1OIK is short for K1- OINK .

      Have another DONUT , Burt . It’ll match that spare tire above your belt !


      June 16, 2013 at 4:03 pm

      • I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps the other fellow was using a figure of speech when he referred to kicking Burt’s “skinny ass”. The truth of the matter is that Burt is a rotund fellow who thinks of himself as the savior of amateur radio and even honored among the ranks (what a laugh that is).

        It’s a real shame people like Burt are part of this hobby but we tolerate his kind only because so many of us get so much laughter from his BS antics. After all, it’s not every day you get to watch his comical video’s or being able to hear the utter bullshit from his lips about how important he thinks he is in the amateur radio community. Lately he’s been telling people how “honored” he is in ham radio, then proceeds to give people tips on internet search terms in order to aid them in reading about how honored and important he is. Only problem is nobody seems to be able to find any info on the internet about his self imposed importance in the world of ham radio and when asked about it Burt simply reverts back to his usual method of trying to insult the person in question.

        I’ll say one thing for Burt, he’s got his scam down pat. He’s bullshitted people so long now I think even he believes it!

        Gino Sagen

        June 26, 2013 at 1:33 am

  14. Marcus Harrison I am making a broad assumption here, but you really didn’t watch the videos did you?

    here you claim “And if he has a problem with Black People not riding bicycles where he lives then take it up with them.”

    Yet on the second video at : 4:24 minutes he expresses a concern about hardly no black people in Amateur radio, I am still waiting for your bicycle assertion and it’s just not there. Marcus do you have a little problem with telling lies? Tisk Tisk Tisk Go super size yourself keep that rear larger than your chair…


    July 23, 2011 at 4:14 am

    • The “Black People not riding bicycles where he lives” comment I referred to wasn’t made in the video you reviewed. However, he DID make this comment in one of his many other video’s he has made where he talks about such irrelevant things such as this.

      The fact you have not seen the video I refer to clearly tells me you haven’t a damn clue what the man you are defending is *actually* saying in his pathetic little video’s. But if you care to watch it you can easily find it on YouTube by simply searching under his name. Until then I suggest you shut your mouth before trying to tell me Burt didn’t make this statement because he outright DID in the video I refer to. Just because you haven’t seen it yourself tells me and everyone else you are not aware of all the baloney he spews here.

      Burt is a tool, a troll, and a hypocrite for talking about the practices of amateur radio. He continually runs his mouth about what is no more than “radio lingo” rather than a real problem. But if Burt, or YOU for that matter, doesn’t like amateur radio terminology then he’s more than welcome to get the hell out of the hobby because it sure isn’t going to change for him or anybody else who pisses and moans about such trivial bullshit. If Burt can’t handle someone saying “I’ll let you go” when they want to sign off then that’s HIS problem, not the entire hobby as he pathetically tries to blame it on.

      Marcus Harrison

      December 10, 2011 at 5:33 am

  15. Neil it is the food it does not satisfy hunger and it’s designed to cause a carb load rush then you have a horrible drop in blood sugar then you buy more garbage food and go through that cycle again and again. We have been taught by the FDA that carbs are good and most diet experts condemn the FDA food pyramid as the Pyramid of Death, And it’s legal to do this here to rig food to make people go through this and the eventual obesity.


    July 23, 2011 at 3:54 am

  16. Vince Caruso

    Hey Vinny are you not here also for the attention? You bet you are, and you get off being here.

    You guys are an interesting study. Let’s go kick sand in the old guys (Burt) face because we have a mob mentality.

    Nice group here… Like feral dogs they run a muck trying to find a victim.

    Troll Dogs of virtual war lmao.

    I hope you are all dumb teenagers with nothing else to do, because if you are not you all need a long stay in a straight jacket to sit here and Cyber stalk an Old man who doesn’t kiss your lard filled behinds. Too funny!


    July 23, 2011 at 3:49 am

    • I actually read Vince’s comment and don’t see that he’s here for “attention” as you falsely claim. As for “kicking Sand” in ol’ Burt’s face, you can call it anything you want if it makes you feel better. But when someone puts out numerous video’s bitching and moaning about trivial bullshit the way he does, you can surely bet people are going to reply. Then when people do reply you jump on here and claim we are kicking sand in his face? So what’s it called when Burt slams an ENTIRE hobby for the practices of a few? Ohhhhh, I see. Then it’s *different* I guess. And why? Because it’s “BURT”. Yeah, whatever you gotta tell yourself, buddy.

      You call us “feral dogs” merely because we speak our opinions on the issue, just the same as Burt did. So *why* is it okay for Burt to come on here slamming the shit out of people and you think he’s a hero, but when people don’t agree with him and reply with their own opinions, we’re “feral dogs”?

      Once again, we now see exactly how you think and WHY. So actually it is YOU who has the “feral dog, MOB mentality” to even accuse others of simply stating their opinions in relation to this douchebag.

      Now come on back and tell us all some more bullshit as to why WE are the bad guys just because we don’t happen to agree with Burt-the-asshole. We’d really like to see more of the bullshit people spew about why it’s okay for THEM to say everything they want to about a situation but not those who don’t agree.

      Marcus Harrison

      December 10, 2011 at 6:07 am

  17. Jimmi Pennington where is your call letters?

    I would give some if I had them. I might join Amateur radio just to piss you off Jimmi


    July 23, 2011 at 3:42 am

  18. Jimmy Pennington First of all threats don’t work with me little boy.

    “You obviously need an enema if you think for one second people aren’t going to stand up against morons like Burt and now YOU.”

    And how are you going to stand up against me?? please tell me little one.

    You keep assuming I am an amateur despite my clearly saying I listen to shortwave! That as you know clearly states as I said I am a shortwave listener you know a “SWL’r”

    Fact is as rough as Burt’s delivery might be he is 100% right and you are a liar. I have over 10 hours of recordings of idiots like you threatening that KC0EBM guy. You still avoided answering or addresses what I said, because you can’t you know it is true. So instead you resort to teen ager intimidation tactics. Well little one I have faced far worse than a but of waddling Cop wanna be amateurs.

    Get over yourself Jimmi


    July 23, 2011 at 3:39 am

    • I’d sure like to have a copy of your recordings of threats made against me on amateur radio. I’d also like to have names, call signs, home addresses, and photographs of these people. Elsewhere in this thread it was implied that FCC’s Laura Smith is Catholic. That would explain why she turns a deaf ear to all the nightly jamming and threats made against me and my protected speech on ham radio. Elsewhere it was implied that QRZ has been used to publicly discuss these offenses against me and my lawful QSO. That doesn’t surprise me either. But I need proof. I’ll take whatever you or anybody else has. If you can provide dates, frequencies, and times of these occurrences would be very helpful. 10 years of this garbage is long enough. I’m ready to take whatever action is necessary to preserve my free speech rights on ham radio. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

      Thomas E. Friess

      August 11, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    • Jim Pennington (or “Jimmi” as you like to call anyone named Jim or Jimmy) never threatened you as you claimed he did. After reading over everything he wrote in this sorry thread all he referenced to you was about “standing up against morons like Burt and now YOU” – again, according to HIS words here.

      When Jim Pennington said that it was crystal clear to me an likely anyone else who read it that the term “standing up against” meant rebutting things you have said here, not meeting up with you to kick your butt as you tried to imply his intentions as being.

      Also, addressing people named Jim or Jimmy as “Jimmi” as you has done with at least TWO different people in this one thread alone really illustrates a persons immaturity, despite your claims of superiority over these people, be it announced outright or implied.

      The fact this issue has even gone on as long as it has is clear indication this is not the open-and-shut case Burt Fisher tries to make it out to be. Although some may indeed agree with his feelings towards the amateur radio hobby, MANY others do not. However, oddly it’s those who happen to not agree with Burt who seem to be accused of being the “bad guys” merely because they don’t share in Burt’s assessment of the hobby as it is today.

      Just so people know my own standing I largely disagree with Burt Fisher’s opinion about the hobby but I certainly don’t have an issue with those who don’t agree with me. But I do have issue with those who attempt to make more out of someone’s opinion by claiming they intended personal threats when it was crystal-clear all they meant was how they would stand up to those who stated unfair, un-just, or untruthful things about them, which is all Jim Pennington was ever talking about in what he wrote.

      It’s equally clear this pathetic thread has gone on far too long and the spirit of it’s original intent is long gone and has been since the day Burt posted it. But I’m glad to see that at least Burt has the decency to not engage people in arguments the way many people who post controversial things do. He has allowed people to post without retorting with follow-up reprimands. That much I can say is most admirable of him.

      Randy Matthews

      August 13, 2012 at 9:34 pm

  19. Marcus are you an amateur? Do you understand a lot of what he says is right on the money? The selfish self involved ego massaging that goes on in contests, Nets, and various other behaviors to control others. I find it funny people avoid the subject and instead just attack. I don’t agree with his methods, but he has good points. for four decades I have sat quietly and listened to the very behavior Burt illustrates. Do I think he is whining? Maybe a little, but he still has a point.

    You worry too much about being “liked” Marcus it seems to be a sticking point with you. Well everyone on one side of an argument once didn’t like this one guy because he said things that were true and made people very uncomfortable. They thought he was loony because he challenged traditions.

    That man was named Jesus. Nope before you wet yourself Marcus I am not comparing, I am in fact illustrating. Illustrating how people when they hear something truthful and it points a finger at them, they become angry and wish to kill the messenger. Wait didn’t they do that to Jesus?

    Burt can be quite annoying to some I am sure, and sometimes it does come off as whining, but what troubles me is how angry, hurt, and indignant Marcus is that he become a Cyber stalker and spews hate every chance he can at silly old Burt. And Marcus tries to rally others (like me) against Burt as if this is some High School popularity contest. What Next Marcus threaten him like they do to that one other annoying guy KC0EBM? Maybe try and get his wife fired? Now that part of Amateur radio we need to discuss, the violent evil little men who would get a mans wife fired from her job and use the forums at QRZ to falsely smear him and his family, you know Marcus it’s also called bearing false witness. Maybe BURT should do a series of videos on how the Amateur community as a whole endorses the persecution of one man because of this RELIGIOUS beliefs that deep inside we all know is the truth. But since it makes us uncomfortable we will jam, threaten his life, make calls to get his wife fired? Marcus is that disturbing? Or do you also hate that KC0EBM guy too? I have spent years as a shortwave listener listening to Amateurs plot against the man and they are so messed up in the head they do this in the open on the bands as they call it, and in the QRZ forums… Now answer that Marcus… WHY?
    What did that man do to deserve such vile and vicious persecution? Just like the did to Jesus… I am sure the man wouldn’t want that comparison I made but again it is an illustration of how Amateurs act like some sick blood thirsty Spanish Inquisitors plotting to decide that mans fate… is that okay with you Marcus?


    July 23, 2011 at 3:26 am

  20. Marcus are you an amateur? Do you understand a lot of what he says is right on the money? The selfish self involved ego massaging that goes on in contests, Nets, and various other behaviors to control others. I find it funny people avoid the subject and instead just attack. I don’t agree with his methods, but he has good points. for four decades I have sat quietly and listened to the very behavior Burt illustrates. Do I think he is whining? Maybe a little, but he still has a point.


    July 23, 2011 at 2:58 am

    • The only point Burt has is the one on top of his itty – bitty head . The thing is Burt’s diatribe is totally pointless . An opinion , not a compilation of facts , not by any stretch .
      The issues he raises (or trys to raise ) in his rants are common among most people , they just emerge differently based upon a given activity , in this case amateur radio .
      It appears our little Burt is trying to distinguish himself as being “above all of this ” , at least in his opinion (there we go again “Burt’s opinion ..for what it is worth ) OK he may indeed never say “I am going to let you go” Perhaps his venting is a reaction to hearing it from others all too often ! I have little doubt that once someone engages this little gem , Burt on the airwaves they get that “Sticky Booger” reaction , the booger that gets stuck on your finger that just won’t let go ! Indeed you can see that on Youtube . Burt is taken on , Burt won’t let go , Burt offers up personal affronts to counter actual facts , Burt’s case weakens and spirals downward , Burt then deletes the other person’s posts after being obviously bettered in the debate …That is the Burt pattern .

      The real story here is how Burt reveals that his acts and behavior are far worse than the actions and behavior he laments . So Burt always loses . Yes , Burt is a LOSER . That is the point , Burt attempts to point out the shortcomings of others in an attempt to feel better about being Burt ;But fails and only manages to reveal just how ugly it is ..being Burt !
      Burt , I am going to let you go ….for now….



      June 7, 2013 at 3:51 pm

      • Gary you have Burt’s method of operation down to a tee. I too have seen his posts on youtube and have also noticed how he will clear out an entire thread if it doesn’t go ‘his way’. If people begin talking about Burt in a negative regard he will delete the entire thread since the beginning of time so no one will be able to read any opposing views about him and the ham nonsense that seems to irritate him so much.

        I have never seen a grown man act the way Burt Fisher does. This is a person who, once you start getting under his skin, will try telling you how he’s so ‘honored’ in the ham radio community and how people love and adore him. Meanwhile if you kindly disagree with him he will act like a two year old having a temper tantrum. I’ve read the things he’s said to people on youtube, and I can understand some of his responses but there are many people who were not disrespectful to him but Burt was still an asshole to them just the same. There are numerous people who only tried to query Burt as to why he feels so strongly about hams when he will just go off on people. It’s as if Burt is bipolar or has some kind of mental issue that causes him to act like a complete moron to people.

        I’m sure if he had the same capability to delete or cover up comments here the way he does on youtube he would have done it several time over now because the majority of people here don’t agree with him and have said scathing things identifying the kind of person he is, and they’ve been spot-on about him too. There was even a young girl on one of Burt’s youtube videos who asks Bur a couple innocent questions and Burt’s response to this dear little girl were more of his berating insults and harsh language. When she questioned him on it and told him she was shocked about him acting this way Burt increased his insults even more. Then Burt claimed this person was not one of his former students and was just someone claiming to be so (although he had zero evidence proving otherwise). Bear in mind at no time did the innocent young girl ever treat him with any disrespect. This was something Burt had plenty of on his own. Burt truly makes me sick because he doesn’t care about anything or anyone and will stoop to any level just to have the last word, and THIS is what Burt Fisher is all about.

        I’ve never seen such a self-righteous, self-appointed person who patted himself on the back and rang his own bell so much as Burt Fisher. I even saw here where he popped in here and told people how they may not like him but can’t fault his message, when nearly everyone here have clearly faulted his messages time and time again but Burt chimes in and claims that isn’t so, so to him he thinks he was victorious. Talk about deluded……

        Burt acts like some of the youngsters you see commenting on youtube. He treats people like shit all the while telling them how well regarded HE is in the world of ham radio. He even quoted some of his deeds and tried telling others how to look up specific websites he claims “honor him”. These are the kinds of things a early teenager child would do – that or a mentally ill person. Burt tries to act tough by telling people how he’s not afraid to confront others, and how he walks through hamfests directly confronting people, and all over how they operate in a hobby related forum? This is the guy who thinks he’s so cool, so honored, so tough? This isn’t what tough is – more like what an asshole is.

        Gary, you nailed Burt to the wall in your assessment of him and you clearly understand why Burt is really regarded very poorly by the vast majority of people who have seen how he addresses people.

        Burt, you’re an asshole who has a limited following because you don’t know how to talk to people and because you use dishonest tactics just so your word comes out on top. Using cheat tactics on youtube shows us all that you can’t fathom the thought of someone gaining ground with opposing views so you try and shut them up the same way a dictator would. You’re a self-righteous ham radio dictator and there are a number of videos and websites that identify you as the loser you are.

        Mark R.

        June 14, 2013 at 6:00 pm

  21. Lots of Americans are assholes and the same can be said of some Europeans too. But some of Burt’s comments are not easily dismissed and do strike their intended targets well. I’m into Ham-radio for the technical challenges and experimentation that it offer me.

    As far as the over weight comments are concerned, this statement can be leveled at your society in general “Super Size Me”. Either thyroid problem are endemic or it’s simple a matter of impulse control and then sitting around doing nothing? I know what I believe is the truth and your only kidding yourself if you believe differently.

    I visit America a lot for business and was in a restaurant looking for a glass for some soda as you call it, I could only find what can only be describe a polystyrene bucket!!! And all the “Gas Station” there compete as to who has the biggest bucket, its a sad joke and some of you are paying the price around your waist and that’s a fact…


    June 26, 2011 at 9:40 am

    • Welcome to America.

      Taste worth dying for ….

      I agree with you. It’s a matter of self-control and respect for yourself.
      It’s a simple energy equation. And for those who say, “It’s not my fault”. Yes, it is your fault.
      You are a product of every decision you ever made.


      June 27, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    • It’s funny you mention weight issues in the USA. It never fails to amaze me when someone from some part of the UK chimes in telling us American’s how we are overweight and “WE” are the one’s to blame for this issue. Take Neil for example. This guys comes along and decides to post in a thread that’s been all but dead for a full YEAR and he decides to throw some more America is fat baloney in the mix. Wow, not like we haven’t heard that one before – only about nine thousand times now . . .

      The really interesting thing about this kind of rant is the fact that where NEIL comes from, they also have a little *weight* issue going on, and have been for a loooong time now.

      I’ve been to numerous portions of the UK and I have to say, those people are FAT just like we are. In fact, the obesity numbers are shockingly high in that region of the planet too, almost as high as the USA. So it’s rather odd somebody like Neil would stroll in here and make a post in what was a dead thread by saying “America if fat”. Better look at your OWN country there buddy, as you are also fat. In fact, VERY fat. And although the numbers on this issue are slightly higher in the USA, it ain’t by much. So you have a lot of nerve coming here saying we are fat and imply we have made poor choices resulting in our own demise when your own people are pretty much in the SAME boat. You may not sell super-sized soda “buckets” but your people are some fat-ass lazy folks just like we can be.

      But unlike “Neil” I won’t lump an entire country into the whole fat accusation just because there is a certain ratio of those who are overweight. So yeah, I’ve been to your country too, Neil, and it ain’t pretty either when it comes to who’s overweight. But it say’s a lot about a person when they come on here and talk so badly about a country in terms of the weight issue when your own damn people have the SAME problem.

      Apparently Neil has solved the question of why the USA has it’s share of overweight people. So what is YOUR country’s excuse? I notice you not only failed to recognize your own country’s fat problem, but also omitted the reason it is nearly as fat as we are.

      Typical of people to only point out other peoples’ issues while quietly skipping over their own. Burt seems to share this phenomena of telling us all how ham radio operators are all wrong in how they do things . . except for HIM of course. Naturally the way Burt operates is always the *right* way of doing it.

      Truly pathetic.

      Jim Pennington

      July 8, 2011 at 1:24 am

    • Neil ,

      Why are you looking for soda ? It will only make you fatter than you already are . I never touch the stuff , weigh 165 @ 6’1′ . More fit at 65 than your limey ass was or ever will be .
      We use the polystyrene buckets mainly to puke in when we see limey losers blimping about .


      June 17, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    • It comes from having a more diverse gene – pool to draw from . Y’all on that itty bitty island heve family trees that look more like wreaths !


      July 9, 2013 at 3:33 pm

  22. Burt’s a jew, and does what all jews do very well: stir sh1t. More than that, he’s doing his jew part in ridding the jew world order of Ham Radio operators, which do not fit well in the JWO (jew world order) scheme of things. Of course, that won’t stop him from being a ham radio operator ..


    April 23, 2011 at 4:09 am

  23. Polishing, as in polishing his wood.


    June 30, 2010 at 12:37 am

    • You can’t polish soft .


      June 4, 2013 at 2:37 pm

  24. Get-R-Done Burt….


    June 28, 2010 at 3:09 pm

  25. Get off his back and stop being so paranoid.

    Ike Goesinya

    June 23, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    • We would if he wasn’t such as asshole. Based on nine simple words from you, you sound just like him.

      Ben Winters

      June 23, 2010 at 8:02 pm

  26. Someone tell Burt that they do have training bras he could wear.

    Doug Everett

    June 4, 2010 at 1:45 pm

  27. I have no idea how wordpress could have or even would have printed anything on this guy. I recently happened across his rant videos on YouTube and was, to say the least, amazed that anybody would want to remain within the amateur radio hobby when all they do is perpetually complain about it through his videos.

    This individual has problems with everything and everybody. He has a problem with the way other ham operators sign off, if they use “hi-hi”, whether or not anybody responds to his call immediately or not, black people in ham radio (yes, you heard that right), and even states that most people in ham radio are fat and too lazy to go outside and get some exercise. All in all I was quite shocked that any human being would go on a world-wide forum and actually post not just one video, but NUMEROUS videos about relatively the same list of complaints over and over. Furthermore, some of the things he complains about are a direct slam against other people, such as those with weight problems. It makes no difference to him if these people cannot help it or not. And even if they could help it, what kind of a person would publicly exploit a physical problem someone else has by poking fun at them without knowing anything about these poor souls? Many of these people already have issues with themselves due to their weight. But then ol’ Burt comes along and drives the blade in even further, all the while twisting it just for good measure. I’ll never understand a person like that 😦

    Burt’s video’s have little if not anything to do with constructive criticism of the amateur radio hobby, but rather a series of poking fun at people either because they may be overweight, not sign off the air the way he prefers them to, others don’t get as “personal” with him as HE would prefer, or any one of a slew of other trivial issues he apparently has with absolutely *everyone* he speaks to on the air. With all the complaining, poking fun of and badmouthing the ham radio hobby Burt does regularly, it’s a wonder anyone would converse with him at all on the air. So it’s no wonder when he announces his callsign over the air, be it simplex or repeater, which he doesn’t seem to hear any other operators who will talk to him. I know I sure wouldn’t if I heard him put his call over the air. Besides, even if someone was foolish enough to talk to him over the air Burt would simply mention whatever he felt you did wrong in his next YouTube video. Even though you operated within FCC guidelines this individual would STILL find a few things you did that really bugged him. But naturally Burt’s amateur radio operating is all done correctly. He’s not referring to himself in his videos, but merely about everyone else out in ham radio land. That’s when I knew this individual had a serious problem. His videos aren’t among those tongue-in-cheek type posts where people will sometimes list all the things hams do that irritate you. No, this guy has an issue with everything and everybody in ham radio and he’s dead serious.

    Burt is NOT the kind of person that relates well to the general public, at least not within the ham radio community. He is cynical, argumentative, and finds fault with absolutely everything a person does on the air even when it doesn’t violate FCC regulations. This is not a person that is worthy of even the smallest publication to give a few lines of recognition to. I’m sorry to say this about anyone but the fact is Burt has a problem. Just check out any of his YouTube postings and you’ll see and hear everything you need to know about him.

    I sincerely hope he receives the help he needs.

    Ben Winters

    May 16, 2010 at 11:23 am

    • “Burt’s video’s have little if not anything to do with constructive criticism of the amateur radio hobby, but rather…”

      I don’t think you can lump all of what Burt Fisher says into one chunk and throw it out.

      One interpretation of what Burt has to say is simply that Amateur Radio folks should take a look at some of the things they do from the perspective of general society and what affect this has on the public perception of Amateur Radio. For example, putting up an 70-ft tower in a neighborhood where the community standard would consider this an “eye sore”. That does not reflect well on Amateur Radio or the judgment of Amateur Radio operators. Burt’s point is that, perhaps, Hams lack empathy with other people – seeing things through other people eyes – when they put up things like giant towers at the dismay of the neighborhood.

      As for Radiograms and Slow Scan TV as being essentially “irrelevant” – perhaps he has a point – especially when one try’s to sell Amateur Radio to potential hams.

      From an external perspective, what is the image of Amateur Radio to a teenager with an iPhone when folks start talking about Radiograms, Slow Scan TV, CW, and the like?

      Maybe that’s Burt’s point. Look from the outside in and you might get a perception of Amateur Radio that one does not have from being a long-time ham.

      If Amateurs want to recruit members, then they need to see what Amateur Radio looks like from the outside.


      May 17, 2010 at 3:26 am

      • It’s become painfully obvious to anyone who’s watched any of Burt’s videos that he’s negative about, well, everything. You say he’s got a point about Radiograms and Slow Scan TV. But what about the people that still enjoy that aspect of amateur radio? I can’t speak for Radiograms, however I know MANY people who still enjoy Slow Scan, Fast Scan, Packet, CW, RTTY, PSK31 . . . you know, all the less popular methods of communicating. So teenagers have their iPods, BlackBerry’s, iPads and Netbooks. So are we supposed to just abandon the older methods and modes just because there’s something newer out? I realize CW & Packet probably won’t draw in these young folks into the hobby but I’m not going to throw my gear away because Burt doesn’t like it. But who is this really offensive to? Burt and those like him. So Burt is going to determine which methods of communicating should be utilized by hams? Not gonna happen.

        Then there’s the issues Burt has with the FEW people who have had to take on their POA/HOA for antenna restrictions. I guess Burt also thinks hams should just roll over and do whatever these organizations say they should do, even though they have a lawful right to have an antenna up. And although it may be offensive to some people who have no affiliation to amateur radio, it isn’t against the law for these hams to do this either.

        Burt has a book full of issues HE thinks hams shouldn’t do. Most of these things are merely pet-peeves he complains about, and he actually seems to like complaining about these things so long as it elevates his own operating practices to the general public. I do some of the things Burt outlines in his rant video’s but it doesn’t bother anyone else where I operate. But just because there are some people who operate in a manner I wouldn’t necessarily prefer doesn’t mean I’m going to go make a bunch of hate video’s talking trash about other people, and even going so far as to call out “Fat People” as he puts it. The thing is I’m not fat but it still raises my blood temperature to see Burt (or anyone for that matter) to go so far as to make a VIDEO where he talks about people who are FAT and won’t do anything other than sit in their houses operating a radio because it would require “effort” as he puts it, to go outside and actually do something physical. Burt goes further to say that even Field Day “forces fat people to go outside, which is why you don’t see many of them at those events”. Burt doesn’t give a damn what he say’s about anyone, and his videos demonstrate just that point.

        Burt has another video asking why you never see “Black People” on bicycle trails in a mountainous area where he apparently lives. Is this really a question that needs to be answered? Does this really matter? Even asking such a question shows us what kind of person Burt is, and I’ve gotta tell you it doesn’t paint a very kind picture 😦

        It is apparent Burt’s “Issues” with amateur radio aren’t the only thing he has issues with. Out of all the videos he’s posted on YouTube there is only ONE that doesn’t slam other people throughout the entire presentation . . . . ONE.

        Listen to Burt if you want to. As for me, I’ll stay far away from him to avoid a confrontation, as I have no patience with people like this. There is simply no need whatsoever to slam people and be so critical of what everyone else does in a HOBBY. And just because Burt thinks certain methods, modes or whatever are outdated and shouldn’t be used, there are many who still enjoy it and use it as prescribed. It is the manner in which Burt goes about informing the world that is so offensive to people. Burt say’s hams are fat people who have no balls. Yeah, that’ll rally people together for the common good . . .

        Ben Winters

        May 22, 2010 at 3:53 am

    • Burt’s a Good American he’s exercising his Right as an American Citizen “The Freedom to be Critical” an He’s just as Chubby as the rest of us…so there Mmlllaaah..LOL…….


      June 28, 2010 at 3:38 pm

      • And so am I. I too have the same “Right to Free Speech”.

        So back atcha . . .

        Again, if Burt doesn’t mind being known as one of America’s amateur radio assholes then we’re okay with that idea too. The claim of free speech doesn’t change that fact 🙂

        Ben Winters

        June 30, 2010 at 5:44 am

    • poor Ben you have so much self righteous indignation for Burt and yet no courage to leave you call sign? I may not agree with Burt on all the issues but he is mostly correct. Amateur radio has become in the last 40 years a good old boys club. They talk in stupid jargon like Hi Hi and qth, q this and q that to make potential newcomers uncomfortable to the point of not joining. I remember the howls and cries about the no code requirements and Amateurs openly saying it would bring people into Amateur radio that “were unworthy” of being amateurs. I remember a conversation years ago with the then President of the ARRL where I argued that Amateur radio has made itself a reputation of being Elitist and not wanting new people, he reluctantly agreed that was the reputation was there and the ARRL was trying to change it. But I told him it would never change because the ARRL promoted this for years with the Wouff-Hong mentality by Hiram Percy Maxim who employed the Spanish Inquisition mentality and promoted this intolerance every chance he could. Frankly the ARRL has never once denounced that horrid mentality and tacit promotion of the Roman Catholic Inquisition mindset and traditions of terrorizing it’s perceived enemies. The entire insanity that some how anyone talking about a personal issue of belief in religion and or politics should be banned and that person tortured is disgusting. I know you will probably say he was joking and thats a bunch of clap trap nonsense in my book. I was Raised Roman Catholic so don’t get started ben it won’t work on me. I have witnesses the persecution by the ARRL, QRZ against a man who had conversations on the radio about a topic that was most dear to him, and the hundreds of ARRL and QRZ members who in an organized attack relentlessly jammed his conversations and made death threats over the air against him because he dared to talk about his views on religion that was contrary to the mostly Roman Catholic Inquisitors on Amateur radio. This so disgusted me that I swore to never become an Amateur. And Radio is my life on a professional level as an Engineer. In Amateur radio freedom of speech is almost non existent if one dares to disagree. Tom kc0ebm and Burt have had to tolerate lots of abuse and I have personally witnessed the death threats against kc0ebm as a shortwave listener, because he dared to have an opinion that was against the Roman Inquisitor Hiram Percy Maxim who started the ARRL. The FCC has done little to NOTHING to stop this and Laura of the FCC knows full well what’s going on as her desk has been filled with complaints. But being a faithful Roman Catholic why would she do her job as she gets paid to do when her religion is questioned? As a Roman Catholic and a AMERICAN I expect people to disagree but the intolerance for other opinions and others who Amateurs feel don’t fit in is glaring. Burt is 100% correct on blacks in Amateur radio as most Amateurs if they think someone is black they won’t even address the person or answer them pretending they didn’t hear them and the few blacks on Amateur radio are relegated to a couple of frequencies.
      Ben you fool no one who has spent any times in Amateur radio or as I have listened to it for four decades and watched it go down hill. Not to mention the intolerance for young people who join the service.

      Ben you only are fooling the fools like yourself, and try to be honest and give your call sign next time..


      July 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

      • I notice “James” accuses “Ben” of not having courage for not listing his amateur radio call sign in his comments. Of course, you’ll also note James didn’t bother to list his either. So what does that make you, James? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You have a lot of nerve getting on here talking about people and then doing the SAME thing as those you accuse. Personally I could care less if ANYONE leaves their call sign here, as it doesn’t mean jack shit anyway – As if posting one’s call sign gives them some kind of authority. Yeah, whatever JAMES.

        I also happen to think Burt is a total, complete ASSHOLE. But it’s interesting how you attempt to make Ben look like the bad guy merely because he spoke out against Burt’s child-like ranting here because he doesn’t agree with him.. When Burt speaks his mind you hail him as a “good amateur” and simply speaking out here. However, when someone else “speaks out” they are wrong? You clearly need to re-examine your thought process, James. People are going to speak out regardless of what YOU think about them (or accuse them of). All anyone can do is simply shake their heads when they read the BS you just posted.

        And nobody CARES what religion you were raised in. People like you can quote your religion till Jesus comes back and it won’t make us think any better of you, James. But you talk as if you are better than other people just because you are “Roman Catholic”. You clearly have an inflated opinion of yourself for being raised in the catholic faith. You are nothing more than a self-righteous asshole who thinks because you are catholic you are special. Screw you James. Screw you and those like you for even hinting that you are better merely because you are “catholic”. And don’t act like that’s not what you were saying because you know damn good and well that’s EXACTLY what you were saying here.

        Ben never said amateur radio didn’t have problems. You apparently assumed that because you are so in-love with anything Burt says here (and likely anywhere he runs his mouth). Clearly amateur radio DOES have issues, and LOTS of them. But name just ONE service as large as amateur radio that doesn’t have it’s issues. Even the “Roman Catholics” have their pedophile problems and overall sexual issue they have dealt with over the years haven’t they? It would have been better to not even open your mouth here than decide to respond to someone who wrote their comments a FULL YEAR ago. But I guess some people are just slow as hell anymore.

        So go ahead James, reply with even more BS because those of us who have heard Burt run his mouth know that most of the shit this moron says is just his OWN intolerance of the amateur radio hobby brought on by his ever increasing AGE. You also apparently have the same effect happening if you can even remotely agree with that idiot. So go on James and reply with more of your smarmy BS about how ham radio has gone to the dogs. Please tell us all more of your pathetic BS so we can all brand you as being an ASSHOLE just like Burt has been for many years now. You obviously need an enema if you think for one second people aren’t going to stand up against morons like Burt and now YOU.

        Amateur radio has changed over the years, James. SO DEAL WITH IT or GET OUT OF THE HOBBY because it won’t change just because dickheads like you and Burt don’t like it anymore. All your pissing and moaning got old a LONG time ago, so MAN-UP and deal with the changes or sell your shit and LEAVE, you roman catholic SNOB.

        Jim Pennington

        July 22, 2011 at 2:48 am

      • James you do realize that Burt was remarking about how he doesn’t see Black People riding bicycles where he lives? I saw his ridiculous videos and also think he’s ding-dong and his ranting does go too far and deals mainly with issues he personally cannot handle in life. And if he has a problem with Black People not riding bicycles where he lives then take it up with them. What does that have to do with ham radio? It doesn’t. But he likes to complain about things which is why he makes his little video segments. And the amazing thin is people like you actually agree with him. Agree all you want with that fruit loop. But then you start cutting other people down because they don’t agree with Burt and his loony beliefs you are going to start something you won’t like, because a LOT of people don’t like Burt or the things he has problems with.

        Marcus Harrison

        July 22, 2011 at 2:57 am

    • Ben,

      It’s been nearly 2 years and your words still ring true.

      It’s also been nearly 4 years since the Truth Revealed video was posted on YouTube, and reading the comment thread there, it’s clear that burt2481 is abnormally preoccupied with provoking fights with everyone.

      None of it helps the amateur radio service and I agree with your assessment! Well said, Sir!


      April 20, 2012 at 4:12 am

  28. Where are all the replies????? How come your hands shake when you are talkking? Is it because you have a mental disorder? Most would say yes….I would agree. You do this for attention……it is obvious by your comments that you are not normal….talking about pileups…then translating that to some hangup you have been dealing with for years…..unreal. Back up your statistics before you open your un-educated mouth….present facts, not your attempt at convincing people to beleive what you say is factual…..nuff said …..look in the mirror and do a self inspection… just might scare yourself…..if you dont….that explains it all….you are whacked!

    Vince Caruso

    May 22, 2009 at 3:42 am

  29. Polishing the image of amateur radio? How? By looking down on others. Hardly Polishing


    January 10, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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