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On being Burt Fisher K1OIK: polishing the image of Amateur Radio

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Burt Fisher K1OIK is a long time Amateur Radio guy and retired high school teacher.  Burt seems now to have plenty of time to make videos on YouTube.  Good for him!

As a long time Amateur Radio guy, Burt had made some observations about Ham radio over the years.  Sometimes, when you are “in the system” (or “embedded in the culture”) of Ham Radio its a challenge to take an objective (“outsiders”) perspective on some of the activities and behaviors of Amateur Radio operators.  From certain perspectives some of the things that hams do are just “crazy”.

Check out these videos and see if he makes any sense.

Truth revealed about ham radio

Ham radio, a critical evaluation

The Real World of Ham Radio

Written by frrl

November 18, 2008 at 12:18 pm

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